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Two forest fires it is fixed in Moscow suburbs

With approach of dry and hot weather danger of occurrence of fires increases in woods. So on August, 1st the Ministry of Emergency Measures across Moscow Region has fixed two centres of ignition in large forests of Shatursky and Egorevsky areas.

According to the Ministry of Emergency Measures, from the beginning of the fire-dangerous period in area 47 seats of forest fire and one ignition of a peatbog are fixed. All of them are extinguished in day of detection.

we Remind that the thrown match or a cigarette on a dry grass or a wood laying, ostavlenie a fire without supervision can lead to a fire. Therefore, do not set fire to a dry grass on fields or wood clearings; do not plant fires in dry wood; if plant a fire, sgrebite a wood laying with kostrishcha and round it in radius not less than one metre; before leaving fill in a fire with water or cover with earth.

At detection of the centre of forest fire citizens are obliged to take immediately measures to suppression, and at impossibility to extinguish it by own strength, to phone 01 or 112.