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Storing the child in a freezer orlovchanku recognised as deranged

Investigating bodies have transferred in court materials of criminal case against Natalia Jurichevoj detained in the autumn of last year on suspicion in murder and kidnapping.

It is judicial - psychiatric examination recognised as its deranged and on the mental condition representing special danger to or other persons, have informed in a press - service of regional SOU SK.

- Criminal case is directed to court for manufacture about application to it of forced measures of medical character, - have added in department.

As already told, the woman has been detained by police officers in the autumn of last year, and searched for it since August. Then it at an apartment house entrance has attacked the young girl, has struck it some times a knife in a neck and a bottle from - under sparkling on a head, and then tried to steal its nine-monthly son. To finish a crime to it the neighbours who have jumped out on noise have prevented.

In September, 2011 it, and again with a knife and a bottle, has attacked other woman and too tried to steal at it the child. This time the attack has occurred in a court yard. As well as in the first case, it was prevented by passers-by. And only after detention it was found out that Juricheva has made earlier not less grave crime.

- by the Consequence it is established that in November, 2010 Natalia Juricheva   has killed the newborn child, - have told in a press - service of SOU SK. - She has strangled its polyethylene package, and then has placed in the refrigerator.

the Consequence has found out that the corpse of the baby has lain in the freezing chamber about one year, and nobody knew about it. The terrible find was found out by relatives Jurichevoj already after it has been placed in a pre-trial detention centre. Then to to a bouquet its charges one more was added - in murder by mother of the newborn. Also it was found out that the woman tried to steal another`s child to show to its relatives and to give out for the.