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FK Kaluga advances the Torch and Avant-guard in a zone the Center the second league

In a zone the Center the championship of Russia on football matches 4 - go round have taken place.

Having won the Belgorod region outsiders of tournament from the Metallurgist - Oskol with the account 2:0, on the first place in standings left Kaluga at it 10 points. Railwaymen from Lisok who have allowed yesterday Tambov " have as much typed; Spartaku for the first time in a season to avoid defeat - 0:0.

the Second victory has successively deduced on the third place the Torch before which there is an increase problem in a class. Yesterday voronezhtsy have on the home field beaten ambitious Saratov the Falcon 2:0. In the end of the first time of Kirilenko a head has stuck a ball into a grid of gate of visitors after draw angular, and in the middle of second half skilled Gitselov has used chance. Let`s notice that last 11 minutes voronezhtsy have spent ten together - after removal of halfback Klopkova the second yellow card. Saratovtsy, using numerical advantage, could hammer to the Torch but only from position off side . Meanwhile, in a duel ending real possibility to cause a stir was missed by the authoritative beginner voronezhtsev Akimov who has appeared in the field on 89 - j to minute.

other central game of round - between Tula " much more tensely proceeded; the Arsenal and Kursk Avant-guard which in the first rounds has avoided defeats. Visitors came forward thanks to goals of Ponomareva on 15 - j to minute and Mitasova on 65 - j twice. However Dmitry Alenichev`s wards have shown both character, and skill. The Pole has hammered in the first ball to Avant-guard on 29 - j to minute, and inhabitant of Tula Krjuchkov has established definitive result already during time compensated by the arbitrator. we expected pressure from outside Arsenal in Tula very powerful attacking. Tragedies are not present, but is insulting to receive a goal in the gate last second - the instructor kurjan Sergey Frantsev has noted after game. Meanwhile, Alenichev, whose command is hardly cunning from defeat, has been afflicted: In my opinion, we deserved today bolshego, than a neutral outcome. These points can not suffice on finish .

Now at kanonirov - on 5 it is less than only 5 points, than at leaders, on 4, than at the Torch and on 3 - than at the same Avant-guard Podolia and Gubkin . Last two commands have played yesterday with the identical account 1:1. Football players situated near Moscow - with vyksunskim the Metallurgist and Belgorod - with the Hero . The interesting duel has taken place in Lipetsk where two goals of Bojchenko have allowed Ryazan to the Star to conduct in the account 2:1 to 58 - j minutes. However the victory remained for owners. The solving ball on 86 - j has spent to minute Kosenko. And here an eagle again has afflicted the admirers, having lost houses to Zenith from Penza 0:2.