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Victim gangs of blood-thirsty Caucasians the Public prosecutor of Kominternovsky area of Voronezh will be brought to justice

has confirmed the bill of particulars on the case of obviously false denunciation. 25 - summer Evgenie Statsenko accuse that he has thought up history about an attack on it gangs of blood-thirsty Caucasians and has puzzled with it police.

Under the version of the investigation in April Evgenie, having quarrelled with the wife and having drunk three banks of an alcoholic cocktail, has cut hands and the person with a kitchen knife, wishing to cause pity of the spouse. Then he has addressed in department of police and has written the statement for an attack on it gangs of Caucasians.

Kartinu Statsenko has drawn the colourful: six or seven persons dressed in all black, danced lezginku under music from a mobile phone, and on hands had bandages with inscriptions in the Arabian language. Here so, dancing, Caucasians have put physical injuries and have plundered on 1700 roubles, Evgenie has told.

- Policemen have opened a deceit, accused the criminal liability threatens. After the statement of the bill of particulars business is directed to Kominternovsky district court for consideration in essence, - have informed in Office of Public Prosecutor of the Voronezh region.