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In Tula declared competition on reconstruction of the oldest parks

For the best project of an accomplishment of the Tula parks are ready to pay one million.

Townspeople will help

to the region Power declared competition on working out of the complex project on reconstruction and an accomplishment of objects of especially protected natural territories - the Central recreation park of a name of P.P.Belousova and park of a name of Aleksandrova (Komsomol park) in Zareche.

in due time the Tula parks - Belousovsky and Aleksandrovsky - have been transferred from municipality conducting in the regional property. Governor Vladimir Gruzdev then has declared that they should be put in order. As an example it has resulted park Bitter in Moscow.

In the declared competition can take part both legal, and physical persons. Carrying out term - hundred days: Within first two months will take over works, then for one and a half month of the competitive commission and to inhabitants of the Tula area it is necessary to choose the best project. An exposition of projects will present in the Tula museum of the weapon, and also in territory of two parks. Inhabitants can express the opinion under projects and choose the best.

At the first stage the commission which was headed by the governor, will select on three projects for each park. Awards - on 500 thousand roubles for the project of Belousovsky park and on 300 thousand - for the project Aleksandrovsky (the former Komsomol park) are promised to semifinalists. Authors of projects - winners will receive as much again.

Wi - Fi in wood

the Central park of Tula bears a name of its founder - health officer Peter Petrovicha Belousova. It is one of the greatest city parks in Europe. Its territory more than 140 hectares, from which 97 - a large forest where grow about 90 kinds of trees and bushes. In park there is a cascade from three ponds with a city beach.

Today it practically wood in the centre of a semimillion industrial city, and more hundred years ago here there was okrainnaja a dump. City health officer Peter Belousov has persuaded the Tula merchants and industrialists to allocate money for park creation. In 1893 the dump was the first trees are covered with earth, landed. Local legends assert that in park breakdown participated both a commonalty, and known townspeople. Further each generation of inhabitants of Tula landed trees in the Central park. In 1960 in it have opened unique in the world a monument to health officer Peter Belousovu.

inhabitants of Tula think much Of the Central park. Prospects of its development have caused rough disputes in townspeople. One consider that park as business - the project (governor Gruzdev insists on such approach) can destroy its most important advantage: after all it is almost present wood. Others want, that here there were short-haired lawns and the asphalted paths. But with what one agree also, and others are with shortage of benches and toilets. Dry closets are available basically near to cafe, they paid and work limited time. And benches - only on the central avenues.

During recent visit to Tula the plenipotentiary of the president in TSFO Alexander Beglov has visited park of a name of Belousova. Together with the head of region they have walked on avenues, have examined a rock garden, children`s playgrounds, a fountain at central platforms which now is on reconstruction. The director of a state institution the Tula parks Yury Staruhin told about the developed concept. As he said, finally the Tula parks should become multipurpose establishments for rest of townspeople where modern forms of leisure " will be realised;.

a Number of innovations appears already now. In particular, free access to the Internet to zones Wi created in park territory - Fi. Alexander Beglov has suggested to extend this idea and in other regions. Honoured guests have taken an interest in speed of connection at several visitors of park. It has appeared that speed of the Internet allows to look video in a mode online.

the Governor has suggested to include Bogoroditsky ensemble in competition and park of the city of Bogoroditska. Unique dvortsovo - the park ensemble 1770 - 1783, belonging to Catherine II son, the column Bobrinsky, recently also has been transferred from municipal in the regional property.

But, unlike the Tula parks, Bogoroditsky is the unique landscape park created by the ancestor of Russian agronomical science, the philosopher, the writer, Encyclopaedist Andrey Bolotov. Here nevertheless to restore Bolotov`s heritage more important. And, perhaps, in this business the opinion of historians should be primary. According to the main state inspector of department of the state protection of monuments of culture and control over their use of management of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation on TSFO Michael Shejnina, the park of manor Bobrinsky does not fall under concept of simply city park.

- In the decision of Ministerial council of the USSR 1327 from August, 2nd, 1960 it is accurately told: Bolotov`s Manor, 1776: the house, church, park is an object of a cultural heritage of federal value, - Michael Shejnin has explained to the correspondent. Is a decision it is not cancelled.

As it was found out, earlier to municipality, and now areas the museum - as a matter of fact, it only meeting of subjects and staff has been transferred in control. The park, a palace is on - former the property of the Russian Federation, a cultural heritage of our country. The same sports and children`s playgrounds here, maybe, also are admissible, but only in case they will not break a historical landscape.

- the Only thing that it is possible to do in this park, - to be engaged in its restoration, - Michael Shejnin is assured. - to Restore Bolotov`s heritage - business sacred, after all there Bolotov has planted many trees personally, it is a XVIII century! Yes, there it is possible to make zones Wi - Fi, but to put, for example, shops if them it was not primary, it is impossible. The approach here can be only one - as to object of a cultural heritage.
experts consider what to restore unique park in close to protogenic a kind probably: there are Bolotov`s water colours - in a museum of Saltykova - Schedrin, there are also other sources. Certainly, revival of the cascade of ponds with the grottoes shaking imagination of contemporaries, - a laborious and difficult problem. And the concept of its development too is necessary for restoration unique dvortsovo - park ensemble. And the municipal enterprise the Tula parks could finance these works. Finally the Bogoroditsky park at last can do not become simple a place for walks of townspeople, and a place where crowds of tourists will begin to flow. After all anything similar in the Tula remote places simply is not present.

And as at neighbours

Parks of Voronezh have been many long years actually given to themselves: the garbage, the broken lanterns, skeletons of benches and roundabouts, evenings - the drunk companies. And from - that the mayoralty did not make out border of the sites taken away under green zones, along the edges of some of them there were high-rise buildings.

situation Change was helped by the project of celebrating 425 - letija cities - on preparation for celebrations it was possible to find unknown size of the sum in budgets of all levels. All parks of the left coast have got to the accomplishment program - " almost; the Dolphin Southern SHinnik and Crimson sails and even square at lake in the street Minsk. On the right have cleaned a forest park the Optimist and here reconstruction of the Central recreation park ( the Dynamo ) It was necessary to postpone. Have spent all 9,5 million roubles - on design - prospecting works. The project has passed state examination almost one year ago, but works will begin only in the spring 2013 - go. On reconstruction which will mention only the tenth part of a green zone, it is allocated 350 million from city and area treasury. In park will pave paths, will restore Open-air theatre and a fountain, platforms for go-cart racing equip, drivings on bicycles, command games and musical concerts. To begin with will improve the main avenue, will clean a stream and will drain a bog formed 30 years ago. The turn of sports objects Then will come, and the accomplishment of entrance group and a parking in the end is planned.

Transformation of key parks of Voronezh is supervised by the French landscape architect Olivier Dame. It he has thought up design Crimson sails become by the powerful centre of gravity for fans of walks. Now there there is a children`s small town where can play and children - invalids, apparatuses, a scene, cafe, Wi - Fi and effective flower beds. The similar centre becomes and the Dynamo whose history totals more than 160 years. Here there should be open exhibition galleries and verandahs of restaurants, and minibuses begin to approach directly on an input.

Not so long ago Olivier Dame has presented one more Voronezh the project - reconstruction of park near a palace of the princess Oldenburgsky in Ramoni. Here often carry tourists, but major repairs are required to a building. While investors are not too active, the authorities have decided to understand at least with green plantings: near a palace within the limits of Platonovsky festival of arts concerts of outstanding executors of classical music from Europe are held, and the corresponding surroundings is necessary. The French designer has suggested to release from trees space about a building, and in other territory to create characteristic for a XIX-th century regular park where the escaped historical bridges and ladders will organically be entered.

Tatyana Tkacheva, Voronezh