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Orelstat: the region Population was reduced to three thousand persons

Experts of Orelstata have published the data of supervision over a demographic situation in the Oryol region during the current year.

By their calculations, in the first half of the year in region 4 175 persons were born, and have died - 6 528. Thus, natural decline in population has made 2 353 persons. Among died - 47 children are elderly till one year. As the positive moment of statistics notice that in comparison with last year in region was born on 279 kids more.

As to died about 4,2 thousand persons have died from illnesses of system of blood circulation, 964 persons - from oncological diseases. In comparison with last year, the number of death from the so-called external reasons - as a result of road accident, alcoholic poisonings, murders and suicides has decreased.

population of region and migration Has reduced. On the statistican, in January - June to the Oryol region profits of 9 297 persons, and a decrease - 9 740. That is, migratory decrease has made 443 persons.

In the meantime

By data on the beginning of 2012, in the Oryol region lived 781 281 persons, by data on the beginning of 2000 - 884 269 persons.