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In Vladivostok have opened for movement the bridge on island Russian

In Vladivostok historical event has come true - the bridge which Russian has connected a continental part of Vladivostok to island has been solemnly opened for movement.

the Traditional red ribbon was cut with representatives of designers, builders and the mayor of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev.

in the Morning on capital of Primorski Krai the dense fog has fallen, the drizzle drizzled. The bad weather prevented to consider a grandiose construction to which on many parametres is not present equal in the world in details.

- at one bridge is not present central ruslovyh flights of such length - 1104 metres. The height pilonov - 324 metres is too a record. The bridge has been constructed less than for four years, - the director of the customer of building Alexander Afanasev has explained to journalists.

to Carry out the bridge civil-engineering design it was offered to the companies from South Korea, China and Japan. But their experts, having counted terms of building and all suffered expenses, have refused. Probably therefore round scale building was so much scepticism - inhabitants and even some experts did not believe that the bridge will be constructed in time. But with a problem Russians have consulted. The help to ours mostostroiteljam was required only at installation vantovoj systems - Frenchmen have helped with it.

Today vanty are painted in colours Russian trikolora. Total length tense vant - 54 kilometres. And length of a high-strength wire filling them - 2900 kilometres.

According to experts, according to the settlement data the bridge will serve townspeople at least 100 years without any incidents .

That incidents, first of all dorozhno - transport, was as less as possible, on the bridge employees GIBBD are on duty. They will supervise observance by drivers of a high-speed mode (to begin with speed is limited 40 km/ hour), and also to watch, that people did not stop to make a successful photoshot, for example. Also on the bridge it is forbidden to move to pedestrians.

it is possible, there will be also other restrictions: for example, if the wind exceeds 29 m/ with will close movement bolshegruzov, at speed of a wind of 33 m/ with - automobile cars. On these restrictions will inform special boards in the construction beginning. But actually the wind of such force in Vladivostok happens not too often.

News that the new bridge is opened for movement, was carried on a city immediately. To test it there have arrived tens motorists. At the resolved speed a way from beginning to end vant less than three minutes, all bridge completely it is possible to pass all for five. Thus that earlier people gets on island Russian could only on the sea - ferries went to certain time, the road occupied more a half an hour.

As the head of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev has promised, in a month on Russian regular bus routes will be already opened.

the Inquiry

the Bridge on island Russian was under construction within the limits of preparation of a city for summit ATES which will pass in Vladivostok in September, 2012. The considerable part of actions will take place in new cases of Far East federal university where students and teachers will move right after the summit.