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In Blagoveshchensk there will be a new microdistrict Peter

By 2013 regional centre Priamurja will grow the first houses of new inhabited microdistrict Peter calculated on four thousand apartments.

the Housing estate will settle down in territory in ten hectares between Ignatevsky highway and streets Kantemirova and Mukhin which when - that belonged to the Blagoveshchensk electrohardware factory. The enterprise even has started to build there the case on manufacture of the goods of a household purpose, but from - for financial difficulties building have thrown. Soon the district has turned to waste ground.

Now here have started to prepare a platform under building. Builders will start erection of the first house in the autumn, and by the end of 2013 in new apartments the first tenants will drive. On a place when - that of the thrown case will appear chetyryohjarusnaja parking place.

- We have decided to name new microdistrict Peter - the assistant to the general director of the company - the customer Feodor Belchikov speaks. - When to us have given the project of its building, there was an association with St.-Petersburg. Besides, the general layout of the second microdistrict which is through road from our building site, the Petersburg experts projected.

Occurrence of new microdistrict extremely important for townsmen where considerable number of structures concern emergency and shabby fund. In 2011 - 2012 in regional centre Priamurja new houses and even the whole quarters began to appear one after another. The building companies really compete now with each other that, certainly, affects cost of square metre.