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The Russian officials will change on the cars collected on Severo - the West

At me phone has rung out. The friend who now holds a post of enough large regional official has called. The question with which he to me has addressed, has first amused me. And has then set thinking.

And the question was idle time. In connection with new trends in the government now officials should support the home producer and, accordingly, to buy cars of domestic assemblage. As a last resort, the cars collected in Kazakhstan or Belarus. What can the official choose from these domestic products to itself?

And the choice, appears, is huge. All depends on the sum which the official or the budget presume.

we Will begin with the most western manufacture. Factory avtotor in Kalinigradsky area makes, perhaps, one of the most prestigious marks. It is in demand at businessmen, politicians, officials, and also is an integral part of image of strongly advanced businessmen. It is a question of BMW.

avtotor makes a budgetary sedan 3 - j series, the car business - a class 5 - j a series and the luxury car 7 - j series - these more will approach for ministers and vip - officials. Also at the Kaliningrad factory gather krosovery BMW H1 and 3 and luxury off-road cars 5 and 6.

on it a lineup avtotora it is not limited. In Kalinigradsky area production of General Motors also is issued. It is Chevrolet Tahoe, Cadillac STS, Cadillac SRX, Cadillac Escalade, Chevrolet Aveo, Chevrolet Epica, Chevrolet Lacetti, Opel Astra, Opel Zafira, Opel Meriva, Opel Insignia. In immediate prospects development and the beginning of manufacture of cars of Chevrolet Orlando, Chevrolet Captiva, Opel Antara, Opel Astra ST.

The choice of cars for officials is rather extensive   from representation BMWs to inexpensive Fords

Under the status Cadillac quite will approach officials of high level. Chevrolet Tahoe - is faster the off-road bus. It will be very convenient for heads of a desk in countryside. But it is necessary to mean that the car rather expensive.

Also on the most western Russian car factory various models KIA gather also. However, at KIA is also own zavodik which lets out while only one model: KIA RIO. This car is convenient For various office travelling of low officials. As it also is not so expensive.

In Leningrad region factories of Toyota and Nissan have taken place. The first makes the car business - class Camry. This car representation, on it it is not a shame to leave to the head of a desk above an average link. The car is in an average price category.

the Second factory lets out models Teana, X - trail and Murano. Whatever you may say, and all - taki our country not simply native land of off-road cars. This unique lawful place of their dwelling. In the winter without a full drive and a high road clearance in a house court yard to drive not probably, even if the house in the capital centre.

And if X - trail approaches for full impassability, Murano quite decent krosover on which it is not a shame and to park about the White house more. However, this rather expensive purchase.

In Kaluga at us is issued VolksWagen. City avtomobilchik Polo and krosover Tiguan. And also assemblage Tuareg is made krupnouzlovaja. It though and krupnouzlovaja, but it is possible to consider the car let out in Russia.

Officials have already mastered factory production under Peter where let out Fordy. This car both is inexpensive, and looks not bad. Quite will approach for heads of an average link.

For the present in Russia are not made so habitual to ours esteblishmentu Mersedes, Jaguar and Bently, but this business of time.