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Vladimir Putin has suggested ministers to visit Easter festival

Yesterday at session of presidium of the government of premieres - minister Vladimir Putin has attended to cultural life of members of the cabinet and has suggested them to visit the future easter festival. for night of museums we already all descended. And this action new, beautiful, substantial - the head of the White house has estimated.

In turn, the minister of culture Alexander Avdeev has assured participants of action that preparation for festival passes successfully, and concerts which it is planned to organise, will differ in scale. As he said, this year in the festival program it is included more than 150 concerts of symphonic music which will pass in 50 cities of Russia. And inhabitants of some cities will have an opportunity to take pleasure in choral music which will execute both civil collectives, and Russian Orthodox Church choruses. However Avdeev has laid up a highlight at last, having told that this year the holiday will be added for the first time with the interesting phenomenon - festival of bell ringers. Money for all these actions, for assurance of the minister of culture, has sufficed - including thanks to that one of organizers of festival Valery Gergiev shows skill of the manager .

Conversation on culture, however, has not covered the economic summons. Having given out to members of ministry of the recommendation about the organisation of cultural leisure, the head of the government has suggested to increase a quota of foreign participation in capitals of the insurance organisations with 25 to 50 percent. Putin has reminded that since January, 1st of current year in Russia requirements on the minimum size of an authorised capital stock of the insurance organisation have been increased. it is a measure should raise financial stability of the insurance companies. So - interests of the insured citizens should be is better protected - has expressed confidence of premieres - the minister.

In the festival program it is included more than 150 concerts of symphonic music which will pass in 50 cities of Russia

One more theme mentioned at presidium, there were utility bills for obshchedomovye needs. Vladimir Putin has signed the decision according to which they will be distributed proportionally a floor space of payers. Besides, norms of the use of utilities will be established henceforth time in three years, the head of the government has informed. Explaining a document essence, the deputy minister of regional development Anatoly Popov have been compelled to recognise that payments for obshchedomovye needs are distributed unfairly. that part which had on obshchedomovye needs, was distributed only between those citizens who had devices of the individual account. Now the question is solved, because specifications are divided on two parts - individual premises and obshchedomovoe consumption. And distribution will be proportional to a floor space between all citizens living in the house. And this specification will be distributed only for the heating period, instead of as earlier - for all year - has explained Priests.

the next phase of strengthening of cooperation was entered also by the countries of Uniform economic space. Vladimir Putin has informed that Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus have co-ordinated introduction utilizatsionnogo gathering on cars. under offers of the ecological organisations we have made the decision on introduction utilizatsionnogo of gathering, including for the cars imported on import. The ambassador of creation EEP we should co-ordinate this sort of questions with our colleagues in Kazakhstan and Belarus, and I have talked over today with heads of both countries. Our colleagues with this decision agree - the prime minister has declared. He has asked minekonomrazvitija to come into contact at level of the ministries and to finish this decision to practical realisation.

Without commissions does not remain and minkomsvjaz. Putin has charged to the ministry to prepare within a month offers on uniform algorithms of information of the ministries and departments. Besides, he has asked to present to two-month term system of an estimation of efficiency of actions within the limits of information of work of departments. The prime minister has bragged of that Russia following the results of 2011, by United Nations estimations, has occupied 27 - e a place in the world in a rating of the electronic government. However problems remain because each ministry and department on - to the approaches to a question of information of the activity. where - that actions go actively and where - that work obviously is late - the head of the government has noted. For this reason it is necessary to liquidate this raznoboj which occurs from - that there are no accurately registered unified plans of action of each of the ministries.