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Nicolas Sarkozy has published the program in shape Letters to Frenchmen

For two with small weeks before the first round of presidential election of Nicolas Sarkozy has published in Paris the electoral programme in shape Letters to Frenchmen . It will be multiplied within the next few days in millions copies. As the candidate - the president hopes, the program will help it to bypass the main competitor in struggle for the Elisejsky palace - Francois Ollanda`s socialist and to be re-elected for the second term.

In the document, and it is a question of 36 pages of the close text, measures which should, according to Sarkozy are stated, to make France strong having allowed to remain the mistress of own destiny and not to allow to another to make for it any decisions . As a matter of fact, in the program are collected, according to people from Nicolas Sarkozy pre-election staff, globally and produmanno Initiatives, basically already sounded by their chief during meetings and performances in the French mass-media, and also new. Nicolas Sarkozy pre-election pledges concern almost all most significant aspects of life of France and its citizens. Considering the difficulties endured by the country connected with debt crisis of an eurozone and EU as a whole, the accent in the program is made on active sanitation of public finances.

As has declared yesterday Nicolas Sarkozy, the overall objective in this area is to liquidate deficiency of the state budget by 2016, and on following - to reduce its balance with proficiency in 0,5 percent. How it to achieve? In the performance the candidate - the president has declared that for this purpose within forthcoming five years it is required 124 billion euro. Two thirds of this sum, as he said, will be received for the account of reduction of expenses - as state, and at level of regions and departments. The remained third is necessary on taxation reform. In particular, it is a question of increase of the VAT about present 19,6 percent to 21,2. The surtax on the largest enterprises which capitalisation is a basis of the French share index " will be entered; SAS 40 . One more fiscal measure will concern so-called tax emigrants that is the well-founded citizens, preferring to deduce the capitals from France and to hold them in the countries with lower taxes, such as, for example, Switzerland.

Nicolas Sarkozy has separately stopped on a problem of immigration which is quite particularly registered in the Letter to Frenchmen . He has confirmed intention to reduce legal immigration twice, and if it is concrete, from 180 thousand persons which are annually proved in France, to 100 thousand. In the letter toughening of conditions of stay of immigrants also is fixed. Unlike a present situation they will have the right to the social help in a kind Grants of active solidarity that is on unemployment, only after 10 years of residing in the country and five years of labour activity. And control over addressees of this grant, and it will concern also radical Frenchmen, begins to be spent each one and a half year. Those who does not do efforts for employment or reception of a new trade, seven hours to give socially - to useful work will oblige weekly.

In the Letter to Frenchmen adherence of France to ideas of the European integration and the general borders is underlined. However together with it from it follows that the Schengen agreements for the candidate - the president - not dogma. If from EU within a year effectual measures against illegal immigration are not undertaken, control on the European boundaries France will suspend the membership in the Schengen contract is strengthened. In the document variety of initiatives on support of national manufacturers, struggle against unemployment, especially among youth also is stated, antiterrorist measures, especially what first of all are directed against Islamic fundamentalists are registered.