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RG + Russia 24: penalties for illegal international transportation

Video: Russia 24

Since May, 5th infringers of rules of the international automobile transportations will fall in Russia under the strengthened sanctions. The size of penalties for illegal use on roads of the cargo and passenger motor transport registered in other states is increased. Today publishes amendments to the Code about administrative offences in the Russian Federation.

But penalties are only the beginning. Before finding-out and elimination of the reasons it will be authorised to detain and vehicles. Or in the country - on special stationary or mobile control points, or - in check points on frontier at departure of the autoinfringer for limits of Russia. However, this norm will take effect since July, 2nd, 2012.

the Russian carriers some years achieved changes which will protect the legal market of an internal cargo transportation from unfair foreign competitors, the chairman of main board of inter-regional trade union of drivers of professionals Alexander Kotov has told. Importing on territory of Russia the goods from the third countries, truckers from other states home empty did not hurry up, and without having the bases, without permissions, in infringement of all international arrangements, some time illegally worked on roads in the country - explains Cats.

As he said, besides an unhealthy competition to the Russian carriers, non-payment of taxes and growth of volumes grey transportations of their action frequently had criminal character. Wishing to save on illegal delivery, the Russian businessmen, under fictitious documents, trusted foreigners the goods which completely disappeared subsequently abroad. Now, according to Kotova, the lawlessness is stopped - the international carriers will think, whether it is necessary to earn 5 - 10 thousand roubles at risk to run into the penalty and on time confiscation of the car.

the Size of the penalty which will be paid by the driver of the car belonging to a foreign carrier, in a case if it carries cargoes or passengers between the Russian settlements, now is increased to 4 - 5 thousand roubles with 1 - 1,5 thousand roubles. For the same offences officials will pay 40 - 50 thousand roubles. And legal bodies - owners of waggons - 400 - 500 thousand roubles.

the Penalty imposed on the driver of the vehicle for international transportation without permissions, also is increased. Its size will make from three thousand to four thousand roubles. Responsibility of officials is established also. For them the size of the penalty - 30 - 40 thousand roubles, for legal persons - 300 - 400 thousand roubles).

it is necessary to Answer and for transportation without the permission of cargoes or passengers from Russia territory of other state or on the contrary. The penalty for it will be imposed much in bolshem the size, than for other cases. For officials - from 40 to 50 thousand roubles. For legal persons - 400 thousand and 500 thousand roubles. Drivers will pay from four thousand to five thousand roubles.