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Baku and Kiev have not agreed about deliveries szhizhennogo gas to Ukraine

Ukraine and Azerbaijan could not agree on some question of deliveries Azerbaijan szhizhennogo gas to Ukraine. Therefore Russian blue fuel there will be the basic of the Ukrainian gas consumption.

As has specified   the president of the Russian gas society Valery Jazev to replace import of the Russian gas to Ukraine today there is nothing. And, by its estimation, even in case of the positive decision of a question on alternative deliveries, - a unique way of their transportation will be gazpromovskaja a pipe .

In Baku, during visit of premieres - the minister of Ukraine Nikolay Azarov and its negotiations with a management of Azerbaijan 3 - on April, 5th, were expected signing of documents on deliveries from Azerbaijan to Ukraine szhizhennogo gas, on creation of the corresponding joint venture   and specification of a route of these deliveries. But from - for disagreements documents are not signed.      

It is a question of deliveries at first two, then five billions cubic metre a year in 2012 - 2015. But the parties have not agreed yet about shares in the joint venture and about a route of deliveries. Last is possible through Georgia, further across Black sea to Odessa, or through Turkey. Both routes   rather zatratnye and in addition while there is no clearness with financing of delivery of the Azerbaijan gas to Ukraine.

Meanwhile, negotiations go from last year.   the chairman of State agency under investments and management of national projects Vladislav Kaskiv declared before that the agreement on creation Ukrainian - the Azerbaijan joint venture for deliveries szhizhennogo gas   to Ukraine it is planned to sign in Davos in the end of January.

Since then   essential motions in this project are not present. Therefore Kaskiv has declared in Baku that   April   Consultations about creation by Ukraine and Azerbaijan of the joint venture on transportation szhizhennogo gas to Ukraine will be renewed. And about when these negotiations will come to the end, Kaskiv has preferred not to specify.

If to look in wider context Azerbaijan as mark some mass-media of these countries, does not want to be got involved in Russian - the Ukrainian disagreements on gas questions. For signing of the mentioned agreements will mean that the Azerbaijan party supports a position of Kiev in these questions. So, according to Alexey Ivanov`s Ukrainian analyst,   the gas pipeline should be conducted on territories of Georgia and Azerbaijan where there are problems, for example, with separatists. It is better to Ukraine to be guided by a titmouse in hands (i.e. on the Russian deliveries. A comment red.) Than on a crane in the sky which the Transcaspian project " is;. And negotiations with Azerbaijan and a number of other countries - suppliers - probably,   a way to play on nerves of Moscow .