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There was Stephen Hokinga`s new book the Higher plan

the New book the Higher plan the glorified scientist - Stephen Hokinga`s written in the co-authorship with the known expert under the quantum theory and the theory of chaos by Leonardom Mlodinovym the astrophysics, left in publishing house the Amphora answers the most important question of a universe - whether it was necessary at Universe occurrence a certain higher reason?

Hoking, as well as one of its well-known predecessors - Laplas, asserts that for an explanation of the reason of creation of the world the hypothesis connected with any potustoronnimi by forces or external intervention was not required. All speaks usual physical laws, as there are no miracles, that is exceptions of nature laws . Among other arguments - existence ekzoplanet, including terrestrial type. In the text authors in detail and intelligibly tell as about evolution of mythological and scientific representations about world around, and about modern scientific hypotheses, including the Big Bang theory. But why there are mutually exclusive physical theories, and the astrophysics cannot answer till now many questions?

our existence dictates the rules defining, whence and when we can observe the Universe. That is the fact of our existence limits environment characteristics in which we are . Therefore and scientific predictions have the restrictions, giving only a range of values for each physical parametre. It concerns both age of the Universe, and Big Bang dating.

Inexplicable miracles break an order: after all that the Universe remained stable, it should be such that nothing appeared everywhere simply so from anything …