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Deputies suggest prolong the law on the parent capital till 2025

Action of the law on the parent capital can to prolong till the end of 2025. Also can allow to direct it on repayment of a military mortgage.

Yesterday in the State Duma have passed parliamentary hearings where have discussed these and other initiatives.

As Irina Sokolova, a problem that now it is impossible to direct the parent capital on payment of the habitation got by the military man in frameworks nakopitelno - mortgage system as legislations on a military mortgage and on the parent capital contradict each other has explained the vice-president of Committee of the State Duma concerning a family, women and children.

Under the law about nakopitelno - mortgage housing maintenance of military men, the habitation got within the limits of this system, is made out in the property only the military man. At divorce it is not subject to section.

In the law on the parent capital it is written that the premises got with use of these means, are necessarily made out in the general property of parents and children with definition of the size of shares under the agreement. To eliminate this nestykovku, having brought amendments in the legislation on a military mortgage, and deputies plan. we Hope that in the near future the bill which has been developed by the Ministry of Defence, will be brought in the State Duma and approved by deputies - Irina Sokolova has told.

some more bills Besides, are prepared. The first has been brought at last convocation of the State Duma. He just assumes law prolongation about matkapitale till 2025 (under the current legislation term is defined till the end of 2016). The law have not accepted, as have considered what to do it prematurely. However the new structure of members of parliament expects to return to document consideration. The second bill too is brought in the State Duma. He allows parents to spend a part of means of the family capital for the formation. According to deputies, for children today it is created more chances to receive free education, than for parents. At the same time to study in them it is necessary to be competitive on a labour market.

One more problem which legislators would like to settle, is illegal cashing in matkapitala. Now there are many schemes for this purpose about what already told. For example the agency selects the house for real estate ostensibly for improvement of living conditions of a family, makes out the transaction, money is transferred for the house into account, and then shares between those to whom this matkapital has been put, and the intermediary. Actually houses got under such scheme, as a rule, shabby also are unsuitable for residing. But as a result of swindle the intermediary receives from 10 to 50 percent (and sometimes and more), and a family - ready cash though and in the cut down volume. In the legislation there is no concept improvement of living conditions criteria of its estimation, participants of hearings have noted, and this blank is planned to eliminate. There is no also a real mechanism of control over target use matkapitala, behind obligatory registration of the habitation got with its help in the general property of parents and children.

the offer Has sounded and repeatedly to pay the parent capital in case of a birth of the fourth and the subsequent children.

the Inquiry

Matkapital is paid since 2007. The sum is annually indexed. For five years she has grown from 250 thousand roubles to 387 thousand.

Besides, last year 67 regions have entered the family capital which is paid at a birth (adoption) of the third or the subsequent children. Their size different - from 30 thousand roubles in Primorski Territory and the Lipetsk region to 350 thousand roubles in Jamalo - Nenets autonomous region. In the majority of regions it is 50 or 100 thousand roubles (in 38 subjects - 100 thousand roubles, in 16 - 50 thousand roubles). To spend it resolve basically not only on improvement of living conditions or formation of children, but also, for example, on medical aid rendering, treatment of children, including sanatorno - resort.