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Four persons have decided to commit suicide from - for financial difficulties in Italy

For last two weeks at once four persons have dared to settle scores with life in Italy from - for the fallen financial problems.

the Reforms spent by the government, quite deservedly call in the people precisely “ tears and blood “. The new economic plan, in particular, assumes sharp increase in tax burden, “ hunting “ on malicious defaulters, and also impressive reduction of pension payments. On assurances of the Italian authorities, transition to a mode of rigid economy - a unique way to avoid “ the Greek scenario “. As shows the statistican, from the beginning of crisis number of suicides in Italy “ on economic motives “ has increased by 24,6 percent. For last two months there were 13 suicides. But the greatest polemic on the Apennines was caused by last four cases.

the Despaired people - the builder, the immigrant, the pensioner and the businessman - could not find worthy arguments to continue to live and struggle. Everyone, apparently, had the “ weighty “ the reasons to dare to commit suicide. Names of these people, for the clear reasons, are not disclosed.

the Attempts of the self-burning which has occurred last week almost simultaneously in two different cities, have shaken Italy. 58 - the summer builder and the convinced Catholic (that is important in this case) from Bologna tried to set fire to itself in own car parked near a building of tax service. This gesture the man driven to despair wanted to prove the innocence before the tax specialists accusing it in non-payment of 104 thousand of euro. In a note written before attempt of self-burning, he tried to inform to the authorities that always regularly paid taxes. Approximately during the same time in Verona 27 - the summer Moroccan, four months not getting wages, has not found other way out how to pour over itself gasoline and to set fire opposite to the well-known ancient theatre “ Arena di Verona “. Both men, fortunately, were in time “ are neutralised “ and with numerous burns are taken to hospital. Life of one of them on - former is in danger.

At a suicide in Italy dare not only young. For 78 - the summer pensioner staying in the deepest depression after death of the husband, last drop of a steel of a consequence of new pension reform. It was threw out from a balcony of the house, and without having managed to endure news about pension decrease for 200 euros: with 800 to 600 euros. The woman has died.

For 2011 in Italy have gone bankrupt more than 11 thousand enterprises and the companies. With crash of the firm which are engaged in processing of aluminium, could not consult 59 - the summer Roman businessman. Before shooting from a pistol to itself at a stomach, the man has asked pardons for relatives, having explained the decision a hopeless financial position of the company headed by it.

Politicians of mainly left sense bring an edge an attention to the question on expediency of reforms spent to Italy. So, the chairman of the party “ Italy of values “ Antonio Di Petro, without mincing words, in the open form has made responsible for recent cases of suicides personally head of the government Mario Monti.


In Athenes meetings of opponents of strict measures of economy with police have renewed. This time suicide 77 - the summer pensioner shot on the central capital area the Syntagma became a trigger. The agonal note in which he blames the Greek authorities which have deprived its means of subsistence for the troubles has been found out in it in a pocket. “ the government has deprived of me any hope of a survival and has not left chances to achieve justice. I do not have other choice, except as with advantage to accept death before I will be compelled to beg on dustbins “ - quote the message of the man local mass-media. The police does not disclose a name of the pensioner or any other details. Presumably lost was the pharmacist, and pension decrease could become the suicide reason. The death of the pensioner was widely discussed on the Internet, to the place of its  destruction inhabitants of Athenes bring flowers. Soon after suicide of the pensioner on the area the spontaneous meeting which has outgrown in collisions with guards has begun. Attacking showered policemen with incendiary bombs, and those answered with tear gas.