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Vladimir Putin has promised completely to provide military men with habitation

to Patch second-hand articles it is not necessary, shabby military camps will replace new and modern, with the developed infrastructure, the prime minister - minister Vladimir Putin has declared during military unit visiting in Engels (Saratov region). nedostroj it is necessary to finish as soon as possible and to help the Minister of Defence to give operatively sluzhivym square metres, amendments will be made to the budget.

the Second day of stay of Vladimir Putin in the Saratov region has been devoted habitation for military men. But before going to military unit, the prime minister has continued the cultural program begun still on Thursday: after the museum first in the country has visited the first-ever children`s theatre. At least so consider in Saratov.

At local TJUZa two buildings - old and new. New since 1985 became one of the most record long-term constructions. But after intervention of the prime minister business has moved off dead centre and literally for a year in the centre of Saratov there was a remarkable theatre. Its visiting became an original prologue to an army theme: the first performance which will be seen by children, becomes the Captain`s daughter . How affairs with habitation for sluzhivyh now are, the prime minister has familiarised in Engels - a city - the companion of Saratov where one of the world`s largest air bases is located.

In 2013 the problem with constant habitation for military men completely will be closed

On the way on meeting Putin has called in in the house where there will live military men, and has visited two apartments - in one tenants only are going to be installed, and a week as has located in another a large family of the pilot. While the habitation belongs to a family under the contract sotsnajma, but in the future they plan it to privatise.

- falls off Nothing? - The chairman of the government has just in case specified.

- All strong keeps, - the owner - the lieutenant colonel has answered. And Minister of Defence Anatoly Serdjukov has explained that requirements to contractors very rigid.

To officials and military men of premieres has talked in a class obshchevojskovoj military unit preparations in Engels. But before to mention a housing question, Vladimir Putin was not kept from comments concerning the bad roads which quality capital visitors to the full could estimate.

It is necessary, it was convenient from here to reach the city, to Saratov, to the centre it was possible to reach, - the prime minister explained. - we now with Valery Vasilevichem (Radaev, the new governor of the Saratov region,-) spoke, looked that occurs on roads of Saratov . It was not necessary to concretise - almost all present have experienced holes and potholes on the way from Saratov on themselves.

Putin has reminded that this year in times regional road funds will increase. They in general were not " earlier; - he has added. Across Saratov in fund will be about 5 billion roubles. I count that means will be spent rationally and in the proper places - the prime minister has underlined.

Such large military centres as here, in Engels, should be on - modern are equipped, in a complex - the chairman of the government has continued. all second-hand articles should be taken down and destroyed, - it has explained. - estimation shows that it will be much more effective, cheaper and more favourable finally, than infinite latanie than holes and incessant major repairs... Such spirit at the Minister of Defence is, it will be in every possible way supported .

Vladimir Putin has remembered, how in 2006 at a meeting with ordering districts has heard that the thorny question in army is a maintenance with habitation. In 2013 - m, and the Minister of Defence said that, maybe, and by the end of 2012, the problem with constant habitation for military men will be completely closed, - he has declared. - no objective reasons for a tightening of this question exist .

However, podvis a question of procedure of granting of habitation. For official registration of papers it is necessary to go in big cities - Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Ekaterinburg, Khabarovsk. It is necessary to organise competently all, the prime minister has punished. All procedures connected with registration, should be convenient and easy. it is necessary to construct not simply habitation, but till the end of current year or in first half following to transfer to the possession apartments of military men or to conclude with them contracts of social hiring - Putin has added. And nedostroj to finish in the deadlines. For October, 1st, 2011 in a stage of not complete building there were 775 houses for the sum of 109,6 billion roubles. And if them to complete, the problem of granting of constant habitation for military men of the Minister of Defence will be solved, the prime minister has noticed.

Thus it is necessary to make so that people were not simply installed in apartments, but also lived comfortably, that is to create an infrastructure. Here again it is already necessary to be connected to local authorities.

audit of office habitation Besides, is necessary. military camps should answer the highest standards - Putin has underlined. Also it is necessary to watch closely the prices.

- There is an accurate understanding of that, how many the person you should provide with habitation? - Putin to Serdjukovu has addressed. - These figures constantly jumped, changed...

the Minister has counted up that for January of this year 54 300 persons stand in a queue. For a year will appear 10 thousand more.