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The coast guard of the USA has destroyed Japanese the ship - a phantom

the American sea frontier guards have destroyed Japanese the ship - a phantom . The Fishery vessel Maru which as a result of earthquake in Japan has laid down one year ago in drift and has crossed Pacific ocean, has plunged on a sea-bottom.

the Trawler has fired at a boat of a coast guard of the USA, motivating it with that the ship - a phantom posed considerable threat for navigation.

As a result of bombardment the vessel has lighted up and has started to heel sideways, but was kept on a surface, informs RIA Novosti news agency. After two hours after the first bombardment the American boat has again opened fire on to the ship - to a phantom and only in two hours Maru has sunk approximately in 280 kilometres from coast of Alaska.

the Japanese party after reception of the notice on trawler detection managed to establish the ship-owner who has not expressed desire to return the ship. Onboard a vessel there is a minimum quantity of fuel and there is no cargo as before earthquake in Japan the vessel has been intended for recycling.