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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has considered a sentence to Victor Butu unreasonable

Russia considers a verdict, taken out to Victor Butu the American court, unreasonable, and demonstrative base shaky and illegal, informs the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

In the statement of department business a weapon baron name political.

Are compelled to ascertain again that long before V.A.But`s adjudgment has been declared by the authorities the dealer death and almost the international terrorist, and charge was under construction exclusively on attributed to it criminal intention . From here - attempts to beat out a recognition of fault by creation of intolerable conditions of the conclusion, physical and psychological influence. It is absolutely unacceptable and the campaign of the persecution untied in the American mass-media, having for an object to affect jurymen and as a whole on a litigation course in the necessary direction - it is told in the ministry statement.

Besides, in the published document it is told about plans on an extradition of the businessman to Russia.

the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia will undertake all necessary efforts for V.A.Buta`s returning home, using for this purpose available is international - legal mechanisms. The given theme, undoubtedly, remains among our priorities in Russian - the American agenda - it is informed in the statement of foreign policy department.

we Will remind that the day before in the USA Victor But has been sentenced to 25 years of prison. Charge asked to choose a life imprisonment, however court as a preventive punishment has considered proofs of participation of the Russian businessman to world trade by the weapon and drugs insufficient.