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Evgenie Shestakov: Attacks of Makfola to the Russian Federation specify in problems reboots

We want constructive relations with America, and us force to compete to it. We want to agree with Washington, and are compelled to strengthen in addition the defence and to resist to plans of the White house on more and more wide spectrum of questions. But that these represent they regularly getting Russian - the American relations in the deadlock, transformed the term reboot from a reality in   mythological concept?

One of architects reboots Michael Makfol, being the appointed ambassador of the USA in Russia, all for some months of stay in our country it has appeared involved in set of scandals. The characteristic given to the head of the American diplomatic mission by Minister for Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrovym became their culmination. Head of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs constrained enough in public statements last week named performance of Makfola on systems of antimissile defence an English word arrogantnyj that in transfer means arrogant or haughty . the Ambassador - the friend of the state - should understand that it is necessary to consider interests of the corresponding country - the minister has declared, accurately having let to the American diplomat know: in Moscow its actions perceive as unfriendly.

In couple of days after performance of Lavrova the ambassador through Twitter has informed that it have misunderstood. More precisely, have incorrectly translated the words told by it. But even if Makfol of the rights, nevertheless, with transfer never will believe the Russian public opinion in the version. Especially taking into account the previous statements of the American diplomat that Russia - the wild country . Apologies and explanatories which not the first time distributes Makfol, have created such quantity a deposit that hopes of improvement in relations between Moscow and Washington almost does not remain. But also US president Barack Obama actually recognised: to new American elections to count on rapprochement of positions on the most painful questions, it is not necessary. In remark of head of the White house casually overheard by journalists that has fairly explained to the Russian president Dmitry Medvedev that on the ABM it will be possible to speak about softening of the American position only after elections.   however even this unofficial statement which has been not intended for extraneous ears, has sounded not confidently.

Certainly, it is possible to assume that in the White house have intentionally charged Makfolu at the given stage to play not a role peculiar to it before - a hawk on guard of the American interests. From here statements of the ambassador that The USA will not accept any restrictions in the field of the ABM as safety of our citizens and allies is the main priority . The real policy will begin later when pre-election passions will settle. But assumptions all it only. Those who does not give today, in the future to Barack Obama even a half-step to make towards to Russia   - the American electorate and public opinion.   not only supporters of Republican Party who on prajmeriz choose between the ultraconservative and simply conservative, a priori perceiving Russia as the main enemy. But also among members of Democratic party the understanding of geopolitics is even more often reduced to the thesis extended by the American mass-media: Moscow prevents to realise to America the plans. Thus, in the opinion of many Americans Russia becomes if not the enemy, that, at least the geopolitical opponent who constantly interferes with the USA and its allies. From here categorical unwillingness of official Washington to give to Moscow legal guarantees of safety. And quite transparent the promise that systems of antimissile defence will not be directed against Russia and do not threaten its interests.

When in the American press regularly reflect how to weaken Russia and   to reduce the prices for oil, thereby to undermine possibilities of the Russian budget on financing oboronki it is difficult to count on   continuation reboots . Russia - the former enemy, becomes again one of the main hindrances to foreign interests of America and and remains a splinter in a side of our country - the newspaper " writes; Chicago Tribjun .

Appreciable easing of influence of America and, as consequence, it not ability in former scales to supervise a situation in the world, force political elite of the country to search for an authentic explanation of the arisen geopolitical problems. In this situation Russia has as well as possible approached for a role the grey cardinal the main secret opponent who prevents to realise to Washington the conceived. Before elections the simple and clear explanation why in the country there were economic problems who is guilty that the situation in Afghanistan worsens is required to the American voter, and that Iran is on the threshold of creation of the nuclear weapon. The American voter waits from the government of 100 percentage guarantees of safety in the conditions of promptly changing world. The guarantees creating at Americans sensation own   invulnerability. This collective American arrogance in many respects menacing to safety of the United States, the Russian Minister for Foreign Affairs when used the term " meant; arrogantnyj in relation to Makfolu.

The more actively in public opinion of the USA will mould from Russia an image of the main external enemy to elections, the will be chances at again elected American president " less; to cancel the begun campaign. It is yet new cold war . However it is obvious: local arrangements on individual questions, such for example as transit of not military cargoes of the USA to Afghanistan on territory of Russia, do not lead to rapprochement on other foreign policy tracks.   on the contrary, with each new prick,   whether it be the sentence to Russian Victor Butu or the statement of Gosdepa for continuation of financing of the Russian non-governmental organisations, intensity between the countries increases in relations.

Unfriendly behaviour of American ambassador Michael Makfola to which the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs - only reflexion of negative tendencies which exist concerning Russia among American isteblishmenta has paid attention. In the conditions of intense pre-election struggle in the USA to dare go against the stream Makfol cannot. But, it having appeared on a front line Russian - the American opposition, the ambassador gives up as a bad job the reputation of the supporter reboots also does hopes of return to it more and more illusive.