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In Moscow to developers have simplified the building coordination

to Make an application on the statement architecturally - the town-planning decision or delivery of the town-planning plan of the ground area now it is possible on the Moscow portal of state services . As have told in department of information technology, the authorities count that from an order of 3 thousand demands for rendering of these services which annually considers gradostroitelno - the ground commission of a city, 20 % will arrive in electronic form.

the Design organisations, builders, proprietors and tenants of the ground areas can trace destiny of the demand in a private office on a portal, and receive on e-mail the total documents assured by a digital signature.

After start of the base register of the information necessary for reception of state services, the quantity of documents which developers should present, will decrease twice. Physical presence of the applicant is required only time instead of three personal visitings of departments today. Results of rendering of services within days will bring in the base register that will simplify reception of other state services in building sphere.

to use service, it is necessary to pass the simplified registration on the Moscow portal of the state services, having specified the e-mail address and a mobile phone, or to become authorised by means of login from gosuslugi. ru. Access to a private office also can be received together with any other service in engineering services of areas (GU IS), the multipurpose centres or the City centre of housing grants.

New services of Committee in architecture and town-planning have filled up the list from six electronic services which are accessible on a capital portal of state services to legal bodies. Most demanded of them now is reception of the permission to transportation by an automobile taxi.

the Quantity of the state services registered on the Moscow portal has exceeded 100 thousand persons. From them about 2 thousand users have already undergone procedure of full registration which will allow to receive in the future legally significant services completely distantsionno.