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On TV will show Pavel Lungina`s picture “ the Conductor “

Two especial holidays this week - Easter and Day of Astronautics. Both that, and another will find the reflexion on a TV screen.

Century from the date of  destruction “ Titanic “ - on April, 14th. The new documentary film will reveal the Russian trace in destiny of the legendary liner. Bella Akhmadullina, Efim Kopeljan, Rihard Zorge, Peter Stolypin … Each of them, in connection with loud dates - the hero of a new television movie, and even two at once. To the patriarch of domestic television, and even it is simple “ to the Father “ - so it names among themselves those who works, on TV - to Anatoly Lysenko - 75 years. Telefigures should react. Feature films that, thanks to television, will come to everyone to the house and which should to be passed, it - “ the Conductor “ Pavel Lungina (a rare occurence - it by the time of display on TV does not leave yet film service) and “ the wind House “ Vyacheslav Zlatopolsky. On screens in connection with the serial termination “ the Short course of happy life “ Ivan Okhlobystin with the " comes back; the First class “ - the serial took a place of this program in a radio grid. It and many other things for those who at the height of spring will remain sitting at the TV.

we Meet Easter

the First channel represents translation from celebratory Easter Divine service in a capital cathedral cathedral temple of the Christ of the Savior (on April, 14th at 23:30). Easter divine service, utrenju and the Divine liturgy the head of Russian Orthodox Church - Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Cyril will head. Translation will begin with the reference of the Patriarch with the Easter greeting. Easter divine service is preceded by transfer of Fertile Fire brought from the Sacred Earth and Religious procession. About celebratory service, its features, about stories of a holiday televiewers learn from the comment of the professor of the Moscow Spiritual Academy And. The Svetozarsky.

On TV the Center on April, 15th in 15. 25 by Easter holiday on air a documentary film “ Three witnesses “. There are three phenomena of the Sacred Earth - soshestvie Fertile fire on Grob Gospoden each Holy Saturday, river Jordan turn for the Christening back, the Cloud of Transformation descending every year on mountain the Favor. The tape consists of three short stories, each of which is devoted one of phenomena. The film will include live shootings on location, spectators will get acquainted with masterpieces of world painting, will see fragments of feature films Ex Dzeffirelli “ Jesus from Nazareth “ and Gibson`s Chalk “ Passions Christ`s “.

At 16:00 on the channel the Great Easter vespers (Translation from a temple of the Christ of the Savior) will begin. Since April, 9th, from Monday till Friday, at 19:00 on “ to Culture “ - a premiere of a documentary cycle “ Church in the history “ In which metropolitan Volokolamsk Ilarion (Alfeev) will tell about occurrence, the basic stages of development and today of Orthodox Church. The first film   “ Jesus Christ and its church “ (on April, 9th).   the Second   - “ a martyrdom Epoch “ (on April, 10th). The third - “ the Epoch of Universal cathedrals “ (on April, 11th), the fourth - “ the Christening of Russia “ (on April, 12th), the fifth “ Great schism “ (on April, 13th). Following five films of a cycle “ Church in the history “ (“ Formation “ “ Orthodoxy in Russia “ “ the Synod period “ “ Church in Soviet period “ and “ Orthodox Church today “) Will go on the air from April, 16 till April, 20th.

on April, 15th, in day of Light Christ`s Revival, in 22. 00 on air   the channel “ Culture “ - a direct transmission of opening of XI Moscow Easter festival which is considered the largest cultural event of a season. The Moscow Easter festival will pass from April, 15th till May, 9th. Within 25 days will take place about 150 concerts including four programs: symphonic, chamber, choral and zvonilnuju. TV channel   traditionally broadcasts festival opening ceremony on the air (on April, 15th, 22:00). On a scene of the Big hall of conservatory the pianist, the winner of XIV competition of P.I.Tchaikovsky Daniel Trifonov accompanied by the Symphonic orchestra of the Maryinsky Theater will act. Behind a conductor`s stand - Valery Gergiev. In the program - Sergey Prokofiev`s music: the Symphony Ή 1, the Concert Ή 1 for a piano with an orchestra and the Symphony Ή 5.

Bella - “ a beauty portrait “

the Premiere documentary   Bell Akhmadullina`s film “ And at last I will tell “ - on April, 10th at 22:30 on the First channel. In it about Bell Akhmadullina tell her daughters Anna and Elizabeth. Sisters   have invited a film crew to a summer residence to the well-known Peredelkino. In a picture miniatures, " for the first time will sound; house “ verses which she wrote on cards, congratulating daughter Anju on holidays. In a film have taken part: Andrey Bitov, Zoe Boguslavsky, Vladimir Voinovich, Boris Messerer, Evgenie Popov, Evgenie Rejn.

on April, 10th in 22. 30 - on TV the Center   a premiere   a documentary film “ Bella Akhmadullina. Pure thoughts “. In deaf years bohemia more than bohemia. It is the protest phenomenon. The centre of the Moscow bohemia 70 - h years - Cook (in Soviet period - street Thieves`), 20, Boris Messerera`s art studio, informal academy of arts, the union of the literature, painting and music … Of Bell Akhmadullina`s this well-known house has been enamoured “ day - denskoj, night without a break “. Here in the end of 70 - h years the informal presentation of the literary almanac " has taken place; Metropol “. Here, to a workshop of the set designer and the theatrical artist, Akhmadullina Boris Messerera`s husband has come to remember Bell, the author and the leader of this film Victor Yerofeev.

Russian “ Bismarck “

On “ Russia 1 “ on April, 11th   at 22:55 -   to 115 letiju from the date of a birth of the historical figure,   a film “ Peter Stolypin. A shot to Russia. The XX-th century “. On April, 14th the person who has become subsequently by youngest the prime minister - the minister of Russia, stopped revolution of 1905, lifted level of the country and actually delayed the First World War 150 years ago was born. Leading Russian historians, scientific of fund of studying of a heritage of P.A.Stolypina tell about revolution of 1905, about last days his lives and about that, what for has been created “ stolypinsky the car “ also that such “ stolypinsky terror “. The Project head: Nikita Mikhalkov.

To 150 - letiju from the date of Peter Stolypina`s birth on April, 14th at 17:20 on air of the channel “ Culture “ - a premiere of a documentary film “ the Mister of premieres - the minister “. It is devoted Peter Stolypina`s destiny which named the great reformer and “ the Russian Bismarck “. Photos - and video data from the Russian state film archive, Fund of studying of a heritage of Stolypina, fragments of diaries and Peter Arkadevicha`s letters are used. Take part: the director of institute of the Russian history Yury Petrov; the doctor of historical sciences, professor MGIMO Andrey Zubov; the president of Fund of studying of a heritage Stolypina Pavel Pozhigajlo.

the General ingenious designer

on April, 12th, 1961 Yury Alekseevich Gagarin has opened an era of piloted astronautics. Last year on April, 12th has been declared by the International day of flight of the person in space, and now it is marked all over the world. On the eve of Day of astronautics, on Wednesday, on April, 11th, in 22. 15, on the channel “ TV the Center “ there is Leonid Mlechina`s new film “ the Soviet space: four kings “ in which the known journalist has tracked destinies of the main founders of the Soviet rockets.   there is something fatal in how lines of life the Queen and Glushko have coincided. Almost coevals, they simultaneously began to be engaged in favourite business. Worked together. Have been arrested in the same year. Together served the sentence, and left on freedom in the same day. One decree received gold stars, awards and awards. In one day became academicians. Together they started to create that has made glory and pride of the state. They also have died almost in the same January day, only with a difference in twenty with superfluous years. Unlike the Queen and Glushko who since young years dreamt of rockets and space, Michael Jangel has got in raketchiki casually. But when in Podlipkah have created 88 - j scientific research institute, Sergey Pavlovich Korolev became the chief of one of departments. And Jangelja have made the director of institute. Queens and Jangel, to put it mildly, have not worked well together … About it and the friend, for example how the addiction has saved life of Jangelju, from - for what marshal Nedelin and why for start of the Soviet rockets Baikonur has been chosen was lost, spectators learn from a film.

On   “ to Culture “ by Day of Astronautics   Have prepared the special program where premier documentary films " have entered; Space odisseja. The XXI-st century “ (9 - on April, 12th, 22:10), “ the Privy councillor the Queen “ (on April, 12th, 20:45); “ Extreme travel “. In a heading “ Have gone! “ pictures " will be shown; Space flight “ “ the Planet of storms “ “ Travel on the Moon “ “ the Sky calls “ (9 - on April, 12th, 13:40, 23:55). A documentary serial “ Space odisseja. The XXI-st century “ is a project of the channel “ Culture “ and television studios “ Russian Space Department “ which gives the chance to feel itself as the present space traveller. Spectators can go for the first time to virtual orbital round.

the Documentary film “ the Privy councillor the Queen “ It is devoted Michael Tihonravovu, whose name is almost not known, though it was involved in the majority of the major events which have left a trace in the history of the Soviet space program. It has designed the first Soviet liquid-propellant missile, has offered idea of a rocket package for the well-known rocket R - 7 and has anticipated spaceship creation “ the East “ on which Yury Gagarin has departed to space. It posesses idea of a word “ the cosmonaut “ and creation of group of civil cosmonauts.  

To 100 - letiju Efim Kopeljana

the New documentary film about Efim Kopeljane “ the Information to reflexion “ - on April, 14th at 10:55 on the First channel. The legendary actor of the Soviet cinema. One of leading actors of the Leningrad Big Drama theatre. It was married to the well-known actress Lyudmila Makarovoj. The present success has come to Kopeljanu only in an after-life. More than twenty years Kopeljan played only bit parts at cinema, was the actor of the second plan at theatre. Its unique talent was considered by outstanding theatrical director George Tovstonogov. With arrival of Tovstonogova to Big Drama Theatre Kopeljan starts to gain professional height. The success in theatre is accompanied also by glory in a cinema … In a film take part:   Lyudmila Makarova, Zynaida Sharko, Oleg Basilashvili, Vladimir Retsepter, Armen Djigarkhanyan and others.

Children and adults

to Look a photo gallery of the First channel

the Premiere of the film “ Steppe children “     - on   the First channel   14       April at 19:10 and 21:15. The beginning 1990 - h. Zahara Zimin`s life and it detdomovskoj the companies has irrevocably changed in one rainy night. This night has woken all Kuban village. Local children`s home, without having sustained pressure of time, has collapsed. Children remained in the street. In plans of a management of area to settle pupils on other establishments. The director addresses for the help to stanichnikam. On a descent not ordinary decision is made - for the period of repair work to disassemble children on houses...

In the program “ the Closed display “ on the First channel - a premiere of a picture “ the wind House “ Director Vyacheslav Zlatopolsky   (on April, 13th at 23:40). Taisija Levshin, dvornichiha children`s infectious hospital, learns that her son who was missing on southern border ten years ago, actually was lost. And,   To fill painful emptiness in a shower, Concealing takes away, actually steals from hospital of the seven-year boy - Asian Timur - the Theme which under the diagnosis and the medical indications is doomed to fast leaving … “ For “ a film will act Evgenie Kindinov, Egor Konchalovsky, Sergey Ginzburg, Evgenie Gerasims, Alla Surikova, Vadim Demchog. “ Against “ -   Sergey Belogolovtsev, Alain Solntsev, Andrey Kravchuk, Michael Ratgauz and   Elena Drapeko.

the Class of the person  

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“ the First class with Ivan Okhlobystin “ on “ to the first button “ on April, 9th at 22:30. In the program some plots. The first -   “ Nonna Grishaeva. Strong women do not cry “. It would seem, the spectator and the reader already knows about Nonne Grishaevoj   everything, but the program “ the First class “ will prove that it - not so. Alexey Kortnev, Maria Aronova, Oksana Pushkin, Alexander Nesterov (husband) and Nonna Grishaeva will tell About the actress. The second plot “ Denis Matsuev. The classic plays a jazz “. It that one of the most titled Russian musicians Denis Matsuev at a leisure wishes to participate in jam - sejshenah together with friends -   Sergey Mazaevym and   Michael Margulis. He plays a jazz and other music as is elegant and furious, as Brams and Tchaikovsky. As always in the program the review of video with Stasom Davidov and secrets of tricks of brothers of Safronovyh …

At heroes “ Multa persons “ (on April, 15th at 22:00) a panic: there was for what anybody from them did not wait. Pugacheva and Galkin pack things and get over in warm edges. Valuev and Arshavin argue on how to live further, and build assumptions of secret plot. Basques and Kirkorov divide a throne and a crown... And Sobchak, Volochkova and Lolita prepare the next frank number and ask to withdraw from screens of children.

Stalin`s Fatal flaw

on April, 9th   at 23:55 - on “ Russia 1 “ a premiere of the film “ the Bomb for Japan. Rihard Zorge “ which tells about military opposition of the USSR and Japan in the Far East. To the middle of October, 1941 in Japan the secret-service network under the direction of Riharda Zorge operated. Under cover of journalistic activity the resident extracted the major data, including about plans of the Third Reich. The main information of Zorge - date of an attack of Hitlerite armies to Soviet Union, - has been ignored by Stalin. This error has appeared fatal. The country has not had time to be prepared for war …

“ Titanic “: Russian trace  

on April, 10th at 23:55   - on “ to the second button “   - a new picture “ Titanic. Last secret “.   Exactly a century ago, in the night from 14 on 15   April, 1912   in cold waters of Atlantic has suffered   wreck the biggest, comfortable and safe   the ocean ship of the beginning of 20 centuries. Quantity of victims - one and a half thousand persons.   has passed   100 years. In this time all myths, riddles,   legends round accident are discredited. It would Seem, secrets are not present more. However, this film   for the first time   will open one more secret -   onboard   “ Titanic “ were   a passageiry with Russian passports. In a film in an investigation genre real destinies   will be tracked; our compatriots who will of different circumstances have appeared in that legendary flight. Under the unchecked data on “ Titanic “ such was about hundred. While   it was possible to founders of a film   to find out surnames     52 - h the person and to touch destinies only a five.

the Miracle of Jerusalem

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on April, 14th at 21:50 -   on “ Russia 1 “ a feature film   Pavel Lungina   “ the Conductor “. The Protagonist goes with the orchestra to Jerusalem to execute an oratorio “ Passions on Matfeju “. But tours turn around tragedy. The black sun of Jerusalem unmasks the protagonist of the safe artist, forces to see itself in ruthless nakedness of egoism and cruelty. Sometimes for 3 days the person can overestimate and rethink the life completely. In roles: Vladas Bagdonas, Karen Badalov,   Darya Moroz, Sergey Koltakov, Inga Strelkova - Oboldina and others.

the Father or the Grandfather?

To 75 - letiju Anatoly Lysenko   on TV the Center   on April, 14th   in 12. 35 - a picture “ Anatoly Lysenko. The general designer of TV “. The author - Leonid Mlechin. He under Anatoly Lysenko worked twice, and precisely knows that this outstanding figure of the Russian television prefers to be not the king, and the grey cardinal. Lysenko always easy concerned absence of external signs on respect, easily allowed to pass with it “ you “ and first to call itself even “ malchonkoj “ and “ Toljadkoj “ and soon after already ironically “ The father “ and “ Bald “ though of a head of hear did not complain. But he allows to overtake to nobody itself(himself) on that track with which considers as the.

From founders legendary “ the Wood-grouse “

NTV continues display of films from a cycle “ Investigatory committee “ This time   - a film “ Targets “ (on April, 13th in 21. 30) which scenario is based on real events. The major of militia Yerofeev (Maxim Schegolev) arranges at night shooting on passers-by, workers and visitors of a supermarket. Business charge to the inspector of Investigatory Committee of the Russian Federation to Anna Chernjaevoj (Elena Morozova). There are witnesses and records from video observation chambers, Yerofeev is detained on a scene of crime … It in senses. Not clearly one - that has forced it to shoot. For the first time on the screen - real underlying reason of the tragedy which have shaken all country in April, 2009.

Subtitles till seven o`clock

Since April, 1st, 2012 on TV channel “ Russia - Culture “ within the limits of the federal program “ Accessible " environment; which purpose integration into a society of people with the limited possibilities, increases the list of the transfers accompanied by subtitles for deaf and people hard of hearing. In the near future the volume of an announcement with subtitles will reach seven hours a day. subtitrirovanie programs TV channel “ Russia - Culture “ carries out since 2009. Subtitles go in a teletext format, page number - 888.

On all hundred

on April, 14th on REN of TV - a premiere it is entertaining - the informative program < 100 % > which will go on the air on Saturdays in 9. 15. The world aspires to compactness: small carriers of memory, thin phones... However   how many all is located in these tiny things! Following this tendency, all for 25 minutes conducting the programs < 100 % > Will try to tell on a maximum to spectators about the newest communications, bright events and the phenomena of architecture, design, transport, medicine and the friend.

Leaders of the new project Peter Fadeev - in an image of the dean of prestigious university and Svetlana Abramova - in an image of the post-graduate student - will ironically, easily and well tell about innovations and achievements in various areas.