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The guide - park: the New album of the Madonna at times tyres with deficiency of a creative

World round WWE RAW.

on April, 11th, environment. Moscow, Small sports arena Luzniki . The beginning in 19. 00

Disputes that such show WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) which is broadcast already on 145 countries and look more than 500 million families in the world - new theatre for stuntmen and supermen; gladiatorial fights of the XXI-st century; or srezhissirovannye for a scene - a ring plots of insurgents - for certain will cease in Russia on April, 11th. As this day to Moscow titans of world wrestling for the first time will arrive. Most likely, among them there will be no hero of films the Forcing - 5 and Treasure of Amazon Duejna Rocks Johnson. But other supermen and a little bit actors which on a kind, have confirmed participation: SM the Punk, John Sina, Kelly Kelly. And also Alberto Del Rio, Yes Miz, Eve. On the eve of an arrival restlery have asked, that to them have given a hall for trainings. Have specified that protect figures, therefore prefer not Russian vodka, and the cook - kolu, and without sugar. Thus, having confirmed that first of all all of them - taki sportsmen - supermen, and already in - the second - a little bit actors .

In show is dashing confused relations between characters: everyone wants to become the hero and the winner. And now, already in Moscow, they will find out again them in the dialogues at times built with almost Shakespearean scope, but passing in entertainment duels. At times it comes to an end with hospitals. And sometimes - vljublennostjami which development is watched from week to week by spectators. For the sake of it in WWE there were also combative, nice girls, too with cams. That also adds show of passions and freshening slaps in the face.

In reply to a question that is laid up for Moscow, managers have informed that all will be: Awesome . That is it is extremely interesting. The observer has asked and about interview. But to it have explained that restlery do not intend to meet neither the press, nor with fans. At all have not demanded excursions. Instead want to train. Probably, correctly. Yes with same also you will not argue...

the Madonna. MDNA . (CD). 12 tracks. JUniversal . 2012

For the sake of this release the singer has reconciled again with the producer and electronic magician William Orbitom. The disk as a result has turned out absolutely without sugar for Orbits - the big gourmet of original timbres, rhythmic sbivok and celebrations of rhythms in 120 blows in a minute. Even to the detriment of melodies. The most part MDNA the singer as a result cries out phrases, giving to a voice coquettish emotions or languid intonations, and the producer braids with their rigid octopus lupov and elastic programminga. It has turned out enough glamurno: Brightly, it is noisy, but at times tyres with deficiency of a creative and melodic self-sufficiency. Here it is even more, than in Hard Candy echoes " are audible; the big epoch of music of a disco the middle 70 - h. Admirers rectilinear tantsevalki will be happy: stars of discos are involved in release " even; zero brothers Benassi.

But from kontserto - forming tracks (there is such term at musicians) on album MDNA just right to allocate only two: brisk, elektro - fankovyj a smash hit I Don t Give A, and bravura marshik I m Sinner. For success of new world round, frankly speaking, not so generously and optimistically...