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The prime minister of the Russian Federation: We are ready to a visa-free regime with the European Union

Russia is technologically ready to introduction of a visa-free regime with the European Union, the prime minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has declared.

We are ready to passing to a visa-free regime with the countries of Europe. In the most incorporated Europe there is no common opinion on this question. We do not hasten, we understand that it is difficult process - 27 countries, it is a lot of opinions. I know, how it is difficult to come to a consensus - Putin at the first international forum " has told; Technologies in mechanical engineering - 2010 .

He has underlined that all questions such dare on reciprocity principles.

We always started with it and we will proceed. We are opened to pass to a visa-free regime, and we are ready to it. Several years ago, if you look at materials of my public statements, I said that we need to make more many, we need to strengthen borders. We and now need to strengthen borders, but all - taki we have substantially moved ahead in this direction. I will dare to assert that we are now ready, technologically ready to passing to a visa-free regime with incorporated Europe - the prime minister has added.

During the summit Russia - EU which passed in Rostov-on-Don on May, 31st - on June, 1st, Moscow has transferred to Bruxelles the draught agreement on visa regime cancellation. The president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev on a press - conferences following the results of a meeting has at the highest levels declared that nothing the visa regime concerning EU " prevents to cancel Russia; though tomorrow . Thereupon he has urged EU to come for a consensus about it.

RIA Novosti news agency