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The first World Cup on the international draughts was won by the sportswoman from the Yakut village

In Yakutsk draw of the first World Cup on the international draughts among women has come to the end. In struggle with 12 - ju the strongest shashistkami planets an honourable trophy has won 19 - summer Matrena Nogovitsyna from village Churapcha.

Matrena has typed 14 points - as much, as world champion Tamara Tansykkuzhina. The Yakut sportswoman has achieved a victory, thanking bolshemu to number of the won parties. Zoe Golubeva from Latvia became the third after two Russians.

Matrena Nogovitsyna, despite early age, already became the prize-winner of the European championships and won superiority of Russia twice. She is a pupil of trainer Nikolay Kychkina. It is necessary to note, this instructor has grown up the whole galaxy young shashistok, confidently entered into sports elite.

(Danilov`s) Its pupil Marfa Nikitin whom now 21 year, has a bronze medal of the World championship in an active. 22 - summer Natalia Shestakov - the bronze prize-winner of superiority of Russia and the champion of Europe on lightning game. And Irina Platonova to 23 - m became to years the double champion of Russia. Unites these girls also that all of them - from Churapchi.