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On doctrines the East - 2010 start-up of rockets of Quality Department " are planned; the Point - At

For region it is the biggest maneuvers since the USSR. Connections of the Siberian and Far East military districts take part in them, aircraft and Pacific fleet.

on 18 ranges they will carry out Problems with application of various fighting and special technics. These are tanks, armour fighting vehicles and artillery pieces, Sou planes - 25, the Sou - 24, the Instant - 31, Silt - 76, That is 223, the Sou - 34, the Sou - 27, And - 50, helicopters Mi - 24, Mi - 8, antiaircraft rocket complexes With - 300 and the Beech - 1 the ships of various classes, including a Guards rocket cruiser Moscow and a heavy nuclear rocket cruiser Peter the Great . During the doctrine practical start-up of rockets operatively - a tactical complex " are planned also; the Point - At .

Motor-shooting, tank, it is rocket - artillery and antiaircraft rocket connections on command Alarm   are resulted in full alertness. They have received a problem on fulfilment of marches on unfamiliar and remote district in the specified areas. Crews of assault aircraft carry out air reconnaissance in areas of carrying out of draws of episodes of the doctrine the East - 2010 .

Staffs of all levels plan application of armies. Under the scenario of the doctrine localisation and liquidation of internal confrontations, rendering assistance to law-enforcement bodies on constitutional order prompting are coming them.

- In connection with the established high temperature of air in areas of carrying out of the doctrine   the East - 2010 measures on medical maintenance of military men are strengthened, - the head time has informed the correspondent a press - the centre of the doctrine colonel Oleg Yushkov. - Among staff morning instructing in observance of safety requirements in the conditions of hot weather are spent. In places of a constant and time disposition of armies additional capacities with boiled water are established. Doctors constantly observe of military men, to soldiers have distributed additional flasks with water.

Besides, in addition to a ration fighters have received after a litre bottle of water, cookies, sweets, bread and fat. At the initiative of commanders of divisions participants of doctrines time and again in a week as it is necessary under the charter, and on requirement will wash and wash clothes.

the Inquiry

is planned to involve All in participation in doctrines to 20 thousand military men, to 70 planes, to 2500 units of arms, the military and special technics, to 30 ships.