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In the modelling market of Don revival after recession in last year

Modelling business of the Don capital has begun, having experienced all complexities of the crisis period, gradually revives.

to Suffer and work

Economic ailments have led to that is more than third of the agencies which are engaged in the industry of beauty, last year have been compelled to be closed. However now demand for their services increases.

Now in the Don market work hardly more two tens modelling agencies and theatres of fashions. Forty percent of the organisations have not sustained demand falling. Such is a situation not only in the Rostov region, but also in other regions.

- last year I have been compelled to close the theatre of a fashion, - Irina Chuvarjan has told. - the Number of advertising projects was reduced to such degree that the enterprise has ceased to be self-supporting. However this year the fashion theatre has again opened - there was a premise, the collective of teachers has stolen up.

- Crisis has sorted things out, - the commercial director of one of modelling agencies Michael Stepura considers. - Afloat there were organisations with a work wide experience in the given sphere, with steady reputation. Those who could endure recession have stood.

According to experts, profitableness of business in crisis has fallen at least in two - three times. The reason not that agencies began to work is worse. The majority of customers, and is the large enterprises, non-productive expenses have cut down, have curtailed imidzhevye projects, began to spend for advertising and advancement less. Turns of modelling agencies as a result have sharply decreased.

the Basic source of incomes of such firms - outdoor advertising. Photos of the beautiful, professionally prepared girls and young men which prepare agencies, are capable to decorate any advertising module. On the second place on profitableness there is a photographing of models for advertising of various brands in glossy magazines. Further feshn - the industry: show - rum, displays on podiums, presentations. At the very end of the list there are representation services when models I participate in corporate actions and ceremonies.

the Podium for the pro

- Some think that for work and successful career in modelling agency it is enough to possess bright appearance and to correspond to notorious parametres 90 - 60 - 90, - Michael Stepura speaks. Is an erroneous opinion. It is necessary to be well trained, to know show laws - business, to be able that is called, a tax of to the best advantage. All it is got during difficult multimonthly trainings and employment. Large agencies spend serious means for model training, differently good result it is impossible to reach.

In imidzhevyh schools those who presumes to combine to itself study in high school with development of a trade of model are trained basically. Average cost of training at such schools fluctuates in limits from two roubles to three thousand a month. In total course lasts, as a rule, from four about six months.

Now in the Don market work more two tens modelling agencies and theatres of fashions  

In this time children have time to master basic skills of a choreography, a defile, a make-up, ability to keep on a podium. In some agencies modelling schools have already turned in some kind of academies noble maidens where learn not only to good manners, but also foreign languages, actor`s skill and fashion history. The most capable schoolgirls have an opportunity to work in agency.

- In regions to exist on model earnings it is impossible, - the practising model of Evelina tells. - That we receive, suffices only on pocket expenses. The working day of model at us costs from one to one and a half thousand roubles. In Moscow earn hardly more. But nevertheless the basic earnings - abroad, and there get units. Very high demands are made to models, nobody wants to work with a half-finished product even the large firms do not wish to lead up not skilled model to the necessary standard, as though it was beautiful.

the Majority of girls realise that the school of models gives the chance for personal development, but seriously to earn it will not turn out. Therefore models go into higher education in the Rostov high schools, without feeding special nadezh to become when - nibud well-known, as Klaudia Shiffer.

the Beautiful dumping

Now many agencies are compelled dempingovat, offering the services in cut prices. As a result in the market there is a weight of badly trained models which hardly go on a podium. Some are ready to shine free of charge, if only to prove to be. It seriously undermines authority and image of branch as a whole. In 2009 production show which prepared the professional director, lighters, sound technicians and from ten to fifteen models, managed to the customer in the sum about 70 thousand. Before crisis for such complete set of services it was necessary to pay twice more.

- Crisis has caused a little exotic variants of existence of agencies and modelling schools to life, - has told PR - director Pavel Umnov. - some of them arise only for realisation of any project, and then are closed. There are cases when the agency serves only for cover another, not always faultless from the point of view of the law, activity.

Large modelling agencies have mastered various directions of this business: will organise beauty contests, are engaged with children, prepare girls for work abroad. Such versatility of business also has helped to stand during the difficult period. Market revival in the spring has begun. In comparison with last year profitability of modelling business has grown for 10 percent.

- the Large companies began to spend again means for advertising, - Michael Stepura speaks. - Now it is difficult to predict, when we can return to pre-crisis volumes, but that recession already behind, absolutely clearly.