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In court criminal case on contraband to Slovakia the Kuzbass coal

is transferred As has found out a consequence, only for 2006 and 2007 to Slovakia has left over 200 illicit cars with coal Prokopevsk. By modest calculations the profit on criminal business has made an order of 24 million roubles. As have specified in operatively - a search part, in court 6 episodes of contraband and 17 fixed facts " are transferred; washings up money resources.

Criminal case has been raised against the inhabitant of Novosibirsk who veins and worked before in Kuzbas at the coal-mining enterprise as the engineer, therefore perfectly understood specificity of coal branch.

As field investigators, the former engineer speak, using the old turned out communications of the beginnings very successfully to sell mark coal D to Slovak firm which bought fuel for thermal power station in the city of Vojany.   the Scheme was such. Accused bought at Black kopatelej coal in vicinities of Prokopevsk which under fictitious documents has been extracted, ostensibly, on one of prokopevskih mines, and gave them in customs for fuel sending to Slovakia. Transactions were made out through Novosibirsk firms - a something ephemeral which have been registered on vagabonds.

Now accused is under a subscription about nevyezde. As have specified in the Kuzbass Department of Internal Affairs on transport, the court has selected such preventive punishment because the former mountain engineer co-operated with the investigation and assisted in disclosing of criminal schemes.