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In the Samara and Penza areas start the program of recycling of agricultural machinery

In the near future the large domestic company - the manufacturer of agricultural machinery will start the program of recycling of agricultural cars in territory of the Samara and Penza areas. Already there is an arrangement between holding and the governments of regions.

As the chief executive of the company - the manufacturer of agricultural machinery Andrey Volf has told, in the Samara region full mutual understanding with a management is reached. In the regional Ministry of Agriculture have confirmed presence of arrangements. Also there is a preliminary arrangement with administration of the Penza region about start in territory of region of the program of recycling of old agricultural machinery.

the mechanism of action of the program is now fulfilled and the volume of the technics demanding replacement is estimated. Andrey Volf says that at the first stage the program provides grants for recycling kormo - and grain-harvesting cars, and also lesozagotovitelnoj technicians.

- At delivery in recycling of a combine of any mark which have developed the resource, economy receive from our company a discount for acquisition of the new harvester of manufacture of Open Society ON Krasnoyarsk factory of combines at a rate of 250 thousand roubles and, in certain cases, as much   - from regional budgets as a grant, - Volf has specified. - in an absence case in region of necessary means, agromashholding gives to agriculturists a discount for technics unilaterally. One certificate grants the acquisition right at a discount only one kind of technics.