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In the Chelyabinsk area the head of area has lost on a million bribe in two months after the introduction into a post

District department SKP corruption action in the relation of the next head of territory of Southern Ural Mountains is brought. Under a sight of law enforcement bodies new head Katav - the Ivanovo municipal area Marat Shajukov, entered a post has got on April, 22nd.

Self-promoted worker Shajukova, won elections with a separation in some voices, suspect of bribe extortion in especially large size. As have informed in department SKP on UrFO, from May till June head has received from the founder of one of the local enterprises property for the sum over four millions roubles. In exchange the official promised to promote in rent registration on municipal objects of real estate. And, besides, to settle a question with law enforcement bodies which have become interested financially - in economic activities of the enterprise and have begun its check.

Yesterday in investigatory department SKP on Katav - Ivanovsku interrogated all the day colleagues and subordinates of head. As it was possible to find out to the correspondent with polichnym the official did not detain, and now the consequence should collect proofs of its fault.

it is interesting that the work as head Shajukov has begun with the organisation of meetings with directors of the large enterprises and the firms billeted in its territory. Has promised to business full assistance of the authorities. To the population - arrival of investors and the organisation of new workplaces. To the region authorities - in the shortest terms to deduce area from a depression. However, if suspicions of a consequence are true, there has begun the official with investments into own pocket.

the Situation with detention of Shajukova was already commented by governor of the region Michael Jurevich. It has complained that the new shade is cast on reputation of area, and named it a good lesson to voters and elite. It is literally last week in Southern Ural Mountains for bribes the head of Kizilsky area Alexander Smirnov, on turn the head of Karabash is condemned by Musy Dzugaeva. Under a consequence for similar sins are head Juzhnouralska Vladimir Mountain and the assistant to the head of Magnitogorsk Vitaly Sidorenko.