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Michael Shvydkoj: Russia and the USA the true love between people and the people

Entrance to the Fort - Ross reminding a rural village fence is necessary, is closed on the lock which has been hung up on two shafts which any passer-by could to tear off without effort from wooden tyna, a paling designating borders of national park. Having left the car at a fencing, we together with the Consul general of Russia in Seattle Yury Gerasinym have entered into the dense fog protecting this first Russian settlement in California. And though the day before, in the Dignity - Frantsisko, during ceremony of signing of the Memorandum of cooperation between a group of companies Renova and the governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger on which there was a president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev, I have agreed with the director of Department of National parks of California Rut Koleman that in Forte - Ross will wait for us somebody from its management, - in district on some miles it was visible nobody. We have passed by an empty small house where in a window the cash automatic machine was visible, probably, for sale of tickets to visitors, have curtailed from it to ocean and at last, in dissipating milk of a fog, have seen some cars. When we have approached to them closely as if from air there were two figures which suits bore a strong resemblance sherifskie. Only on closer examination all stripes and stars, inscriptions on hats and other it became clear that they represent service of National parks of California. They - that also delivered us in the Fort museum - Ross where we were waited by Liz Burka, the large beautiful smiling woman ordering six national parks, settled down around Russian river. It has presented us the mistress of the Fort - Ross by name of Robin which held a tray with bread - salt on strong country hands. About strong hands I have understood after it, having taken me for shoulders, three multiply on - russki have kissed each other both with me, and with my companion. And about that they country, became clear when we have gone on huge, till the end of horizon of territory which is attributed to this National park. Accurately oblique grass, the well-groomed wood, purely cleaned paths and the footpaths, the scrubbed utensils, smelling sweet living creatures - all this handwork Robin which, is visible, not only spends the forces, but also podpityvaetsja natural energy of these places. It is clear that they very much would like to see in Forte - Ross of the president of Russia, but for want of something better they were glad also to us. As on the instructions of D.A.Medvedev occupied in the Californian Silicon Valley we should understand that the Russian side can make for preservation and development of this unique monument of Russian and American history which in crisis, as well as other national parks of the Western coast, has appeared under the threat of closing from - for huge deficiency of the State of California. (At is minimum necessary budget in 800 thousand dollars the staff government is ready to allocate to it only 300 thousand.) However, an hour later after conversation with inhabitants of the Fort - Ross has understood that at all American efficiency they are full of remarkable cheerful idealism, the cheerful romanticism. Not that that they absolutely feel the Russian missionaries who have made out this remarkable place in 1811, and in 1812 - m redeemed it at Indians of a tribe keshajja, - but, seemingly, like that. Everything that they do in these parts, they do in pleasure. Both, and those who comes here to have a look at Russian America. Besides they so tell about a merchant to A.A.Baranove which Russian - the American company has entrusted to operate Russian settlements in America, about lieutenant Ivan Kuskove who has opened for Russian these earths, about the Aleuts who have come here together with Russian, what Russian have brought a grapevine to California, and about much - many other things, - as if there live here at least two hundred years. (But look as forty-year!) Probably, because any historian simply did not wake up so much years in these parts, did not mow a grass, did not clean neighbouring wood, did not look after Russian cemetery.

I write all time - they but actually in Forte - Ross works one only Robin, and that not on the full rate. Liz Burka, no less than two rangers, and simply - the forester, they huntsmen, they firemen, are responsible for an order in all six national parks around Russian river. Together with Robin in Forte - Ross constantly work two more volonterki, ladies of middle age who live in the neighbourhood. One of them of Merion F. McDonald supervises over the Society of national traditions and all volonterskimi the organisations which work in Forte - Ross. It together with Robin not only arranges the first class excursions, but also spends summer educational games for the American schoolboys whom, coming to the Fort - Ross for some days, put on clothes of Russian settlers, take Russian names and that is called, get used to our general history.

When we discussed the necessary budget, how many money is necessary on repairing of a roof of a museum, on restoration and a museum fikatsiju unique constructions of a fort, on celebrating of its two-hundredth anniversary in 2012, on expansion of educational programs and scientific researches, anybody and a word has not mentioned that it is necessary to increase the salary and the list of staff of employees. It is guilty, I all time waited for this question, but it and has not sounded. Naturally, and I did not begin to tell about that, how many the person would work in such memorial estate for us, with a staff department, accounts department and service of the chief engineer (and not from our riches, and from our poverty). It would not be desirable to afflict - neither inhabitants of the Fort - Ross, nor itself. But, fortunately, and at us, in our Russian remote places have started to appear both volunteers, and philanthropists who like the native country and help museums, - and it is an important sign on an arising civil society. In America the civil society is capable to solve many problems of social life.

Robin works in Forte - Ross almost twenty years, and I do not know, how she lived in years cold war when the USA and Russia (during that time Soviet Union) called each other precisely an empire of evil . I do not know that think about a big-times politics of Liz Burka or Merion F. McDonald. But why - that all of us together were late about a photo of the middle of the XIX-th century on which women of a tribe keshajja which heads scarfs like that carry in villages in the Tambov or Tula provinces have been put on have been represented. They sat at a fire together with the men. And near to them Russian, Aleuts, Swedes, Spaniards, Polynesians sat... To whom this Fort - Ross constructed by Russian to victual Alaska only did not shelter, and whose mission has come to the end, when Alaska has been sold to the United States. A fort which never knew that such war. We have stopped at a photo, and has seemed that this place, creation of the nature and hands human where it is so much rest, love and the world, and is lost paradise.

Perhaps, therefore we also should be engaged in together with local residents the most simple affairs. One more symbol of love is not necessary to us. The true love between people and the people is necessary to us. Neither Robin, nor Merion, Liz spoke nothing to me about the mission in strengthening business American - the Russian relations. They simply tried to share the love to these places. To those people who lived here two hundred years ago. And to those who lives here today and will live tomorrow.