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Attraction dancing tanks the prime minister two will show at a specialised exhibition in Zhukovsky

More precisely. The first International forum Technologies in mechanical engineering - 2010 actually opens transportno - expocentre (TVK) Russia which the biggest can become and in many respects a unique demonstration platform in the world.

Huge airdrome Letno - the research centre of M.M.Gromova, located in Zhukovsky where will pass from June, 30th till July, 4th the International forum, is known as a venue aviation - space salons - MAX. Some years ago there was an idea to construct in the same place the complex exhibition centre where it is possible to show any exhibits - from spaceships and huge planes to lungs bespilotnikov, and also tanks, fire-engines and the other technics. Thus flying machines should fly, tanks to knead a dirt, and fire-engines - to extinguish fire. That is experts and potential buyers could see their interesting technics in work. For these purposes it is created complex poligonno - the exhibition infrastructure which analogues, allegedly, in the world are not present.

the Forum Technologies in mechanical engineering - 2010 though carries the boring industrial name, will represent very bright and, the main, live action. Simultaneously in Zhukovsky the salon of arms and military technology of Land forces, an exhibition in the field of aeroastronautics and a specialised exhibition of pilotless flying machines will work an exhibition on high technologies in mechanical engineering.

As organizers of salon, within first three days which are declared by workers consider, experts of hundreds enterprises and the organisations will manage to exchange experience and to estimate really proryvnye directions in domestic and foreign technologies, to sign agreements and contracts. And Saturday and Sunday will be given simple spectators. These days in Zhukovsky will pass grandiose military - technical show under the name Invincible and legendary . According to general director TVK Russia Vladimir Vlasova, 36 units of combat material will show the possibilities in dynamical representation. The special attraction " is prepared; dancing tanks . Naturally, all who these days will arrive on salon in Zhukovsky, can see not only tank ballet but also to examine all expositions of a forum, to estimate level of a domestic production and to get acquainted with perspective workings out of the Russian engineers.