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Across Wimbledon John Makinroja`s phantom

Behind the first week of grassy tournament " wanders; the Grand Slam - mad, filled with fantastic records, nervous breakdowns and unpleasant incidents. Has passed and maniacal Monday as have christened the British newspapers day on June, 28th. And now the new misfortune - appears, on courts, locker rooms, premises the press - the centre wanders a phantom. A phantom of Makinroja.

Ah, that is why tennis players and tennis-players sometimes do not shake each other a hand! That is why are angry with spectators, yes so, what even... Spit towards tribunes! As it was made by Romanian Victor Hanesku, for what, however, and has paid with the penalty in size in 14 thousand pounds, and then, by the way, it was awfully a shame to it with this trick. That is why Svetlana Kuznetsova has not thanked for the game the competitor to Anastas Rodionovu representing Australia: that supposedly imitated the Russian. That is why Michael Juzhnyj raspsihovalsja instead of collecting emotions in a fist.

to Find a phantom on Wimbledon easily - it is enough to go to a museum laun - the tennis, four years as opened after reconstruction. There it is possible to make, in particular, virtual walk on locker rooms of players accompanied by virtual John Makinroja, great and awful the American, one of heroes of the well-known tournament. Though to face illusive John it is possible everywhere where magnificent tennis only reigns, well and, of course, scandal - as they say, not without it.

And in a museum it is necessary to watch a film about Maria Sharapova, the champion of 2004. Operators used special panoramic shooting with five chambers which simultaneously removed matches of the Russian from five points. However, to see to tennis performed by Masha it was possible and alive - up to the past Monday, to which Russian has lived . Maria Sharapova battled to American Serenoj Williams. In the beginning of the first set Masha has missed at once the giving, but - it is necessary to give to it due - has returned itself a game, having made a reciprocal break. The Russian courageously battled. It often sent from reception kinzhalnye blows by cross-country which Serena simply did not reach. Business has reached to thaw - a break in which Masha had three (!) setbola, but and has not managed to realise advantage. Serena inexplicably concentrated during the necessary moments and even has finished a set ejsom - 11:9.

in Sharapov`s second party though battled adequately, but could not reduce the advantage got by its competitor - 4:6.

After a match Maria Sharapova has answered questions which were set, in particular, by the correspondent.

- Masha, on Sunday there was a day off. Earlier you said that allocate time for a cooking, will try to prepare something brand new. Prepared?

- Is not present, prepared nothing. Day has passed, as usual, - trainings, massage, rest.

- That to you has prevented to win? The first party Means at least.

- I do not know even that has prevented. I had chances - three setbola, one of them - on my giving. Oh, at all I do not know.

- whether There are at you chances to return on former, highest level? To win Wimbledon?

- Yes, of course, is.