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Authorities of the capital have urged businessmen to buy apartments for veterans

Capital department of a housing policy and available housing has initiated to unite possibilities of a city and business - structures to help as it is possible bolshemu for number of veterans of the Great Patriotic War to improve the living conditions.

As has underlined yesterday on a press - conferences the head of department Peter Saprykin, the city authorities are engaged for a long time in the decision of housing problems of veterans - since 1995 they have provided with habitation of 13 thousand families of participants of the Second World War. all participants of war having the right under the law on new habitation, are now provided by it at the expense of a city, - Saprykin has underlined. - And irrespective of when they have declared the rights. Even if today to us the veteran or the members of his family having the right to improvement of living conditions will address, tomorrow they will receive the first offers of apartments . However, according to the head of department, not all veterans manage to be helped, as for statement on the housing account security habitation under the law of a city of Moscow should be no more than 10 square metres. Besides, the veteran should live in capital not less than 10 years. According to Saprykina, now has collected about 3,5 thousand references of participants of war which do not fall under these conditions. there is a so-called social responsibility of business, and in its frameworks representatives of building branch and bank sphere could not in words, and concrete business to express the sincere gratitude to those who has brought to us the world and a victory 65 years ago - Peter Saprykin has told.

But while only one family of veterans from among needing, but not falling under the city program of the help, has gratuitously received apartment from the company - the leader of capital housing construction. In department hope that kind undertaking will find the response in capital.