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The series of a penalty first in the World championship has come to the end in favour of a command of Paraguay

Yesterday a national team of Paraguay for the first time in history left in a World championship quarterfinal, having won a team of Japan. The core and a match extra time has come to the end in a draw 0:0, and in a series of a penalty South Americans have appeared more precisely - 5:3.

the Signboard of this match hardly strongly excited minds of fans. Neither Japan, nor Paraguay are not included into number of competitors of medals - from group for both commands it is possible to consider an in itself exit as good result. Moreover, neither those, nor others never in the history got to the eight of the strongest teams of the world. So, in case of a victory would become heroes of the nation.

Bookmakers in this match considered as favourites Paraguay. Probably, they were impressed with that fact that South Americans could win first place in the group and leave behind a board of tournament of world champions of Italians. But also Japan at a group stage has acted not bad. Blue Samurais two victories - over Denmark and Cameroon have gained. By the way, in both matches in goals hammered our person - the halfback of Moscow CSKA of Kejsuke Honda. And Japanese fans pined the main hopes on it.

Unfortunately, entertainment this match has not turned out. The cargo of responsibility lying on players, obviously, has appeared too heavy. And please fans with beautiful football they could not. Commands have carefully begun a match and as anybody with draughts bare on another`s gate was not going to rush, game and has proceeded almost without scoring chances. The dangerous moments practically was not, and to neutral spectators to observe so substantial football it was uneasy.

in the first time there was a sensation that 90 minutes business will not be limited - too players were afraid to be mistaken. As a result and it has turned out. Following the results of the basic time for a board all same zero burnt, and this time the account absolutely corresponded to an event in the field. The extra time has begun more interesting. Paraguayans became more active and even have created on 97 - j to minute a scoring chance, but blow of Valdesa was reflected by the goalkeeper. On it, truth, feats of players in attack also have ended. Both commands, seemingly, have reconciled in advance to neutral result and have agreed to reveal the strongest in a penalty series. This the plan Japanese who in an ending managed dangerous attack hardly have not broken, but as a result of business has ended a football lottery . Here nerves have appeared more strong at football players from Paraguay - 5:3. The fatal miss for Japanese has admitted Juiti Komano which have got a crossbeam. In a quarterfinal the South American national team will play with the winner of a match Spain - Portugal which has come to the end after signing of this number in the press.