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At the Belarus station capital drivers promise to finish an outcome in 2012

Here any more the first year try to go round the party the area at the Belarus station: threat for a long time frightens to sit down there at a stopper at any time.

Building cars and mechanisms have left to transport of a place for movement less than nothing. But most of all inhabitants of capital are afflicted with that any concrete work on traffic intersection updating is not visible. And this with the fact that to finish it on an earth surface the city authorities promised just by the end of this year.

already new total terms and obligations Now sound.

an outcome Construction on the area of the Tver outpost we will finish in 2012 - the first deputy the mayor of Moscow Yury Rosljak has declared recently.

this important building for capital last year Has stopped. Workers have come across the old communications which were not appearing in one plan. The investor to put up money for their carrying out has not wanted - it has not been provided by the contract.

At last, the city has made decision to allocate necessary 1,2 billion roubles from the budget for an engineering rerun. As a result in February this year competition for choice the organisations which will be engaged directly in these works has taken place.

it would Seem, there is all - money, civil engineering firm, amount of works and an enormous city which waits will not wait, when at last becomes less than one probochnym a place on capital roads. And works on - former stand!

- the Contractor should begin carrying out of communications in May and till the end of the year it finishes, - the head of department dorozhno - bridge and engineering building Alexander Levchenko has told to the correspondent. - But it is developed extremely slowly, and to force it to work more effectively yet it is not possible.

So, maybe, to break off the contract with the careless executor and not to spend time for its arrangements?

Alas, simple (and the most correct) at first sight the decision will inevitably cause this judicial lawsuits, and further under the federal law it is necessary to hold new competition. Being afraid of procedural red tape, the authorities also try while to solve a question peacefully.

If communications by the end of this year will be all - taki are shifted, already in the beginning of the next year building of the central kernel three-level underground trading - an entertainment complex with a parking (see the scheme) will begin also. And then, as the director of the project Herman Kaganovski has declared to the correspondent, Muscovites can receive it in 2013.

Well, and a new traffic intersection, we will hope, all - taki will appear a year earlier: with two tunnels instead of present one under the Tver overpass.

The overpass promise to reconstruct too and even to raise more than on metre.

By the way

According to Alexander Levchenko, these works it is planned to start in January of the next year. For this purpose on the right, if to go from the centre, builders will lay the temporary bridge - to close movement absolutely in this part of a city it is impossible. And when reconstruction pute wires remains behind, there will be a main thing for the sake of what Muscovites and suffer all present inconveniences: the Belarus station will not have any traffic light.