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The authorities of Moscow declared opening of an electronic reception

Recently authorities of the capital declared: in a city the electronic reception has started to work.

News has inspired Muscovites: gathering of the documents, continually required to the inhabitant of capital while a lot of time demands. And here has come on the server, has stuck into a window and receive, please, any inquiry. In life as the correspondent was convinced, all is much more difficult.

To Perm it is far

the List of documents which the electronic reception has promised to give to Muscovites, the correspondent even managed once to receive. Directly under that scheme: has come, has stuck and here you are please.

while their only five. But the most demanded inhabitants of capital. It is the uniform housing document, the uniform payment document, predesign of a housing grant, the notice on granting of a grant for payment of premises and utilities, and as the account of indications of room counters.

it is not dense, if 500 documents as have counted up in committee of the state services of a city of Moscow regularly are required to Muscovites. Well, yes it doesn`t matter, it is necessary to begin with something.

If not crisis, business has gone faster, - have explained to the correspondent in the government of Moscow. - but from - for shortages of money in the budget financing of the given work has been stopped .

However, not for ever. On July, 27th at session of the government of Moscow the idea on project development " will be nourished; Electronic Moscow on 2010 - 2012 for which, officials assure, the capital and will try to make up for lost time. While we will be content with that is. I will receive - ka, for example, at least the uniform payment document, I have solved before sitting down to write this material as has just come it is time to pay for apartment. Not to go from a summer residence specially to a city behind the notice thrown in a mail box.

... Has come on the Internet into a private office, it has tried to be registered. And further - a misfire. It was not possible even to enter street on which I live though the computer promised to help. Alas!

Without the address there is no registration, there is no registration - there is no also a uniform payment document... Involuntarily with envy recent business trip to Perm was remembered. The international assembly of capitals and big cities which is headed by the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov, held there the session devoted to reduction of distinctions between subjects of the Russian Federation on development informatizatsionnogo of a society. It has appeared, permjaki give odds in it to many Russian regions, including to capital. There already you will surprise nobody with that it is possible to register in an appointment directly from the house on the Internet. complaints that it is impossible to get to the doctor in due time did not become for the third day after innovation introduction - governor Oleg Chirkunov bragged. The Perm parents at offsprings check marks too not on simple, and to an electronic diary, easily communicate with teachers in a mode online, without reddening any more that seldom look in school.

very interesting approach, - has come to a conclusion Yury Luzhkov. - helps not only to get rid of turns in polyclinics, but also to make its paperless .

the Capital went some other way

the Moscow authorities till now went some other way: tried to facilitate life to townspeople by means of creation in a service city one window .

Such windows today in capital 600 - them have got all to uniform city structure. Their purpose - not to force the person to stand in queues and rush about in search of the fifth or twentieth office, and to have possibility to address in case of need in service which will professionally be engaged in the decision of its problem.

Having described procedure of interaction of the applicant and the official, administrative documents executive power has established accurate terms in which the inhabitant of capital should receive each of 500 documents.

There is among them trudnooformljaemye, as, for example, a premises transfer in the uninhabited. Here and terms of its delivery big - 90 days. The big part - like the certificate of mother having many children, the veteran of work and others, should be given out during 7 - 10 days. Whether

It is possible to reduce these terms? In committee of state services have estimated and have solved, what yes, it is possible - besides, mainly at the expense of improvement it is information - technical interaction between different city structures.

As a result, the general term of preparation of all documents only for last year was reduced approximately to 2000 days (this time spent in the sum on 500 documents), or, approximately, on third.

it is Too much windows

And meanwhile Europe has moved further away.

- In Vienna and Berlin the person goes behind the documents necessary to it not on hundreds different windows as in Moscow, and comes to the service centre of municipal union in which territory lives, and receives all services in a complex - the chairman of committee of state services Alexey Stepanov has shared the further plans of the Russian capital. - here and we have laid down one year ago for ourselves the aim to organise work by the same principle.

For this purpose it is necessary instead of present 600 to create 125 regional and 10 district multipurpose centres working by a principle one window . And the regional centres will work with physical persons, and district - with legal.

Unfortunately, crisis consequences brake also this work.

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the Multipurpose centres:

three More will open in the nearest future: