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Are summed up the first wave Unified State Examination

the Federal Agency of supervision in an education sphere and sciences has summed up the first wave Unified State Examination.

In May - June examinations were handed over mainly by graduates of schools of this year. 16 thousand from them could not pass the state total certification. These are those who has ruined to the mathematician or Russian in the basic terms of delivery and could not repeat these examinations in reserve day, and as those who and simultaneously has not held on at once to the minimum threshold in both obligatory subjects. The last have made half from all losers of this year - 8 thousand persons.

- to Such children will give out the inquiry on training, and for reception of the certificate they should pass anew tests next time, - has specified head Rosobrnadzora Glebov`s Love. - by the way, last year dvoechnikov was about 3 percent, this year the result is better - them hardly than more than 2 percent from total number handing over in The first wave .

Results of the first calling of Unified State Examination - 2010 in figures are that. 878,6 thousand persons handed over Uniform in all regions Russian Federations and in 52 foreign states. In 100 maximum points 2822 works in different subjects (last year - 2232) have been estimated. 185 appeals on examination procedure are submitted is twice more than last year. And here to results of examinations unlike it is more than appeals - 60155 (in 2009 - 54,5 thousand). At first sight it is a lot of. But if to count percent from total of the handed over examinations - and them was about 3 million it will turn out only half-percent. Third of appeals is satisfied, that is graduates managed to achieve increase of points.

the second wave of Unified State Examination on July, 8th starts. It - for the initial establishment initial and average professional formations current educational year and not having possibility to participate in Unified State Examination in May - June. Also in the second calling those who has received the average general education in foreign educational institutions, and the graduates of the last years who have not passed the Unified State Examination in the basic terms for good reasons can hand over examinations.

the Graduates of this year who has passed delivery of Unified State Examination in the basic terms for good reasons, and also those from schoolboys, who has ruined one of obligatory examinations in the first calling and for good reasons has not used the right to repeat it in reserve days of the basic term, - the second wave and for you too.

the Schedule the second wave

on July, 8th - Russian, chemistry, computer science;

on July, 12th - mathematics, the literature, foreign languages;

on July, 15th - social science, geography, physics;

on July, 17th - biology, history;

on July, 19th - all general educational subjects for those who has not passed examinations in separate subjects in target dates.

Technicians come

Unified State Examination - 2010 in comparison with Uniform 2009 is much richer with demands for delivery of subjects for choice, necessary for receipt in high schools and ssuzy. So, on participation in Unified State Examination in biology it was accepted almost 180 thousand demands (on 14 % more than in 2009), on computer science - over 80 thousand (it is more on 16 %), chemistry handed over on 30 % of more graduates, than last year, the number chosen physics has increased.

By the way, this year there was a serious redistribution of budgetary places in high schools between specialities. The number of places is reduced by an economic direction and the humanitarian block. And on technical and engineering specialities of places, on the contrary, has increased. Considering heightened interest of entrants to these directions, it is already possible to tell that, most likely, competition on them will be above, than in 2009, even despite increase in number of budgetary places.

Minima and maxima

After each examination the commission on shkalirovaniju at Federal Agency of supervision in an education sphere and sciences establishes the minimum border of points in a subject. Definitions of these borders look forward all, after all as soon as the minimum point will be declared, to someone at once it becomes clear, what examination it is ruined and how to plan further swimming in a high school choice.

the Most important for egeshnikov - the minimum border on Russian and mathematics. That who could not overcome necessary a threshold in two these subjects at once, you will not envy. Alas, this year about the average general education they any more will not receive certificates: It is necessary to be content with the inquiry and to wait year, to pass the Unified State Examination once again.

this year the minimum threshold in 36 points on Russian have not overcome 3,3 % of graduates of this year. 100 points on Russian have typed 1364 persons from 68 regions of Russia. However Rosobrnadzorom the decision to recheck vysokoballnye and stoballnye works in regions where results raise the doubts is accepted.

For mathematics in 2010 the minimum testifying to development of a school course, in 21 point has been established. Have not overcome the minimum border on the mathematician of 5,1 % passing the Unified State Examination. 100 points have typed 157 persons from 43 regions of Russia.

Nepreodolenie of the minimum threshold in subjects for choice does not influence certificate reception. Positive results of these Unified State Examinations can be necessary for those who wishes to continue training, including in high schools.

Rosobrnadzor warns

High schools should provide entrants with the information on a course of reception campaign. In Rosobrnadzore advise to entrants to show consideration for how the high school behaves during reception. On its site necessarily should appear:

by the way

Unified State Examination for choice

Literally is registered one of these days the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation N 481 (it is published in from 23. 06. 2010) which, probably, slightly will please those who has left school some years ago, but has not arrived in high school, and now wants to try.

According to this order the entrants who have left school till January, 1st, 2009, that is to the introduction of Unified State Examination into a regular mode, can arrive on internal branches, passing own high school examinations, instead of Unified State Examination.

Till now they could choose the examination form only for receipt on correspondence and evening departments of high schools, and for diaries results of Unified State Examination were required necessarily. Now the choice is at arriving on all modes of study.