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FAS intend to make more well for Russians import wine

to Make more well for the Russian people import wine the Federal antimonopoly service hopes. Yesterday deputy head FAS Andrey Tsyganov has acquainted journalists with preliminary results of the analysis of structure of the Russian prices for foreign wines.

Antimonopolshchiki have found out that the margin of trading networks on the European wine in large trading networks makes 44 - 51 percent of retail price. Differently, from each bottle the Russian retail dealers receive as much, how many, together taken, French wine makers, the international transport and insurance companies, the Russian wholesale dealers and the state budget which raises the import duty at a rate of 20 percent of customs cost. Not including that, 7 more percent in the bottle price - payments of wholesale dealers retail. Those bonuses which should disappear from contracts since August, 1st of this year according to the law on bases of state regulation of trading activity.

According to FAS, appetites of retail dealers have led to that Russia became the world champion on dearness of wine of the European manufacture. For example, a small bottle of sparkling Loran - Pere brjut 1999 the French wine makers by the gross give on 32,64 US dollars. In shops of France it costs 46 dollars, in Japan - 65,74 dollars, in Brazil - 120,3 dollars. Well and in our large networks, confirm en face, - 152 dollars. And seven cents if it is essential.

it is curious that trading margins on wines of a New World do not exceed 30 percent. That, truth, too much also it is connected, probably, with underestimation Russian vinoljubami advantages Chilean, for example.

Andrey Tsyganov has informed that the highest nakrutki become on the cheapest and most expensive import wine. Though the difference is not too great. In seredinke rulers the margin a maximum for 6 percent more low.

Margins of the Russian wholesale companies are much more modest, but too anything - on the average an order of 17 percent. Their income is quite comparable with that income which is received by the French and Italian wine makers - about 20 percent of the Russian retail price. From one to five percent in the price of a bottle of import wine is called in research FAS other expenses of the wholesaler .

Andrey Tsyganov has underlined that in the wholesale market 244 companies - the importer, not connected with each other the general founders work. 15 companies have a share more than two percent, and on them it is necessary 62,11 percent of all market of import wine. That is the competition here is available.

Incomes of transport workers and insurers fluctuate from one to eight percent of the price of a bottle on our counters. And four - five percent are made by the customs duties - that arrives in the budget.

Thus, abundantly clear what to trade in wine in our country it is much more favourable, than it to make. Including therefore in the Russian market only 36,99 percent of domestic wine if to consider in natural expression. And only 18,93 percent if to consider cost.

Wine carry to us from 36 countries. It is interesting that on volume most of all the fault arrives to Russia from Bulgaria (more than 15 percent), and at cost - from France (more than 20 percent). Moldova which was no time among leaders of deliveries to the Russian market, now on both indicators in the middle of the list. Least wines bring from Serbia. It the cheapest.

Andrey Tsyganov did not begin to hide that en face hope that when the law on state regulation of trading activity will earn at the full capacity, the prices for import wine will decrease at the expense of retail margins. He believes that thus it will be easier to Russians to pass to southern type of consumption of alcohol at which unlike northern not recklessly overturn in itself a glass forty-degree, and is intelligent sip noble drinks of natural fermentation.

All, however, can appear not so simply. Experts from business remind that to wholesale dealers, probably, it is necessary to pay bribes, delivering wine from Champagne to Moskovia. And they are put in their market share. Retail sellers transfer a part of the margin from socially significant milk and bread on wine and cognac. Having achieved truth in wine department, it is possible to receive a rise in prices there where grandmothers and mothers having many children go.

Besides before FAS investigated structure of retail prices for meat, Andrey Tsyganov has informed. But, apparently, while it from it in networks has not fallen in price. And after all here the margin reaches 70 percent as reported in one of shops on Vladimir Putin.

By the way

Head Rospotrebnadzora Gennady Onishchenko has informed that Moldavian wine quality assurance becomes tougher. The Russian public health service has rejected the next big party which is not corresponding to safety requirements. There were similar incidents and in the spring. The question on is considered suspending registration of new check points for Moldavian vinodelcheskoj production .