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Pavel Borodin: At the expense of the budget of Union State more than thousand children annually go to the improving centres

In Bruxelles within the limits of conference Words of the world for Europe performance of the State secretary of Union State of Pavel Borodina has taken place. We result the text of its performance in reduction.

I Thank for the kind invitation to act at this representative European institute and to take part in discussion of basic questions of the world and philanthrophy. This theme is very close to me.

In my opinion, the philanthrophy and charity are the integral elements of the world bringing hope and feeling of advantage needing.

Unfortunately, in Russia and today there are homeless children. The state cares of them, but that becomes, all the same it is not enough.

Here forty years as I try to help according to the lights to such children - to orphans.

I have started to be engaged in this activity when worked in Yakutia. It is republic with the extremely severe environment, it is located in Siberia, in the north - the east of our country. The temperature there often falls in the winter to - 68 degrees on Celsius, and will rise to +47 in the summer.

This huge territory covering 3 time zones and 3,2 million of square kilometres. Actually it is the fifth part of Russia.

Till now in Yakutia with the help business - structures, private sponsors, public organisations I help to finance and provide five children`s homes. Already 84 their pupils work in Moscow and have got families. Some of them became citizens of Europe: Switzerland, France, is also those who lives in the USA. Besides Yakutia for many years I help 10 children`s homes with the Ulyanovsk region to the Russian Federation and Byelorussia, and also three children`s homes in my native city of Shahunja.

In this time more than thousand children have received a start in life.

At us with the wife five children a four from which we have adopted. For this reason so problems of children - orphans are close to us.

Today we give special attention to two Moscow children`s homes created by means of our welfare fund the Native home also we visit these children`s homes regularly. These are so-called family children`s homes. We consider that they - the most suitable form of children`s homes for children who do not have parents. Life in such children`s homes approaches them to what they have been deprived since the early childhood - family atmosphere. One such house consists of six apartments, another - from eight. Each apartment is connected to the general territory for games and study so children from all apartments can communicate with each other. In each house there is own pool and an athletic field. In children`s home staff - the doctor and the psychologist. In each of apartments there is mum - the teacher who sponsors to 8 children, as a rule, different age. It creates very strong, it is possible to tell family connections between children in their growing.

I very much am proud of achievements of children from our children`s homes and is happy that have played a small role in granting of real chance by it lives.

Sincerely I hope that all these children will find the world, self-respect and well-being in the life, that is those values which are allocated with Prem Ravat and its fund as basic and which I completely support.

I Hope that all of us we can inspire new generations and pass on its charity and good baton that they too helped those who sharply needs them.

it is a main objective of my activity in social sphere as State secretary of Union State of Belarus and Russia.

Union State of Belarus and Russia much becomes for the sake of health, physical and creative development of children.

we carry rendering To number of priority directions medical - the improving, preventive, diagnostic and rehabilitation help to children who have undergone to radiating influence after failure at Chernobyl nuclear station. Eventually these problems, unfortunately, do not cease to be actual. Hundred thousand Belarus and Russian children and today live in the polluted territories. We know that in addition to national programs of improvement of such children has developed the activity a number of the European charitable organisations. At the expense of the Union State budget also more than thousand children annually go to the best improving centres.

joint rest and educational process and for pupils cadet, suvorovskih and nahimovskih schools in which the considerable number of children who have remained without parents is trained Will be organised.

the Union State allocates necessary means for carrying out with participation of children from Belarus and Russia of the Olympic Games of schoolboys, meetings of young tourists and ecologists, competitions of technical creativity, competitions on various sports. Festivals of art creativity of children are annually held.

For young musicians of Belarus and Russia will be organised the master - classes on the basis of the Moscow conservatory of P.I.Tchaikovsky. The third year tours in Belarus, Russia, Germany and now in Italy youth Belarus - the Russian symphonic orchestra are successively financed. I invite all of you who are engaged in charities, to arrive to Russia to impart experience.