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In Yakutia in 2012 on a construction of roads will allocate 13 billion roubles

For building and reconstruction of roads in Yakutia this year the record sum - more than 13 billion roubles is allocated.

the Most part of this money will go on federal lines, however for the first time 3,6 billion roubles from republican road fund will be spent for putting in order of local highways. Has especially carried to republic capital - ulichno - a city high system will update on 440 million in this summer.

- Certainly, all streets for such money not to repair, - have told in administration of Yakutsk. - but the basic city roads become much wider and more equal.

While the high system of Yakutsk shows a sad show, especially now, in the spring. On some not only okrainnyh, but even the central streets such wide and deep lakes have spread that drivers gloomy joke: It would be time to establish already instead of traffic lights beacons for a waterway designation .

For lack of means dorozhniki exercise the wit, thinking out unique ways of repair. Holes in asphalt peschano - gravijnoj a mix in the summer fall asleep, and is banal fill in hollows with water in the winter. Five minutes on a frost - the strongest road covering also is ready. But winter asphalt has already thawed, and hollows hiding under it became even deeper. Here rescue one - to pour in in road repair not water, and money.

last year a spadework on many city roads has been spent. Them have expanded, otsypali, have arranged on roadsides drainage systems. Now townspeople with impatience wait for approach on - to the present of warm days when these streets will start to go in the present asphalt.