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In Yakutia the Office of Public Prosecutor has demanded to provide orphans with apartments

Office of Public Prosecutor of Yakutia has come to a conclusion that the government of republic does not execute the federal legislation on maintenance of children - orphans apartments.

To this day opposition of supervising body and local authorities on this question, as a rule, was not taken out on a general review. But this time Office of Public Prosecutor that is called, has broken through. On Thursday on its official site there was a message with long heading: the Office of Public Prosecutor of republic demands from the government to eliminate infringements of the housing rights of 662 children - orphans, to allocate in 2012 854 799 000 roubles for granting of habitation by it, and also to stop to assign on dotatsionnye local governments the financially not provided powers to the sum specified above .

Positions of local authorities and Office of Public Prosecutor in a question of maintenance of orphans habitation disperse cardinally. The republic government, understanding that the orphaned turn has grown till the other-wordly sizes, nevertheless, intends to shorten it stage by stage, within several years. The sums provided on it are considerably increased in comparison with last years when the turn, actually, and collected. However it is obviously not enough these means for full maintenance with apartments of young men which except as on the state to hope any more for whom.

- the Government motivates the position with that in the republican budget there is no money, - the senior assistant to the public prosecutor of Yakutia Julia Kaminsky marks. - Why means constantly do not suffice on orphans? I understand that habitation granting to all persons included in a waiting list will demand reduction of any other expenses. But the problem should be solved at once, differently our authorities can solve it never.

on March, 13th the Office of Public Prosecutor has directed representation in which has specified to the government of republic that this year in the budget is provided 204,6 million roubles which will suffice on habitation acquisition only for 158 orphans from 820. To eliminate infringement it is right 662 graduates of children`s homes, many of which stand in a queue some years, it is necessary to increase volumes of financing to 1,059 billion roubles.

Besides, the Office of Public Prosecutor considers that republic public authorities break an order of transfer to municipalities of the powers on granting of habitation to orphans. These powers according to the local law are transferred in full concerning all persons included in a waiting list, and here are financed this year only for 14 percent.

As of February of this year municipalities in Yakutia do not execute 83 judgements on granting of habitation to orphans! The reason as mark in the Office of Public Prosecutor, one - in local budgets does not suffice means for performance not only state, but also own powers.

Representation has been rejected by the first vitse - the prime minister of the government of Yakutia Alexey Struchkovym. And only after the repeated reference the document has been considered. However a conclusion local authorities have made the former: budgetary funds does not suffice, therefore to solve housing problems of orphans it is planned stage by stage till 2015 within the limits of the corresponding program.

- Meanwhile, the Office of Public Prosecutor in 2009 - had been revealed 2011 an expenditure by the Trust fund of the future generations Republics Sakhas (Yakutia) more than billion roubles on the purposes which have been not connected with problems of this organisation. These means could be directed on social support of children - orphans and granting of habitation by it, - the senior assistant to the republican public prosecutor Timur Nikiforov marks.