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At mountain-skiing competitions in Southern - Sahalinske were won by the pensioner

75 - summer sahalinets has won at mountain-skiing competitions.

the Past in the middle of April in Southern - Sahalinske of competition, according to the chairman of regional federation of mountain skiing and Andrey Ageenko`s snowboard, a steel some kind of summarising of a season 2011 - 2012 among fans of winter sports. From it the victory which was gained on competition by the oldest Sakhalin mountain skier Alexander Krylov, only has played new paints.

- Alexander Petrovich has started to be engaged in mountain skiing in 1984 and since then many times participated in various regional and inter-regional competitions of veterans, - the trainer holmskoj complex detsko - youthful sports school Leonid Fesenko has told.

As he said, the pensioner, is a lot of years given to the sea, even in the respectable years differs enviable health and energy.

- to the Person seventy five, and he practically does not sit in place. Participates in mountain-skiing competitions in the winter, as a rule, opening them. In the summer constantly goes to campaigns, mushrooms also berries. We extremely are proud of such fellow countryman. It a living example of how it is necessary to live: cheerfully, vigorously and with return. Then any hvori with you will not keep up, - the trainer is assured.

In turn the director of studies regional specialised detsko - youthful school of the Olympic reserve on mountain skiing Elena Rozova has noticed that Alexander Krylov has made keen to sports not only the son, but also the grand daughter.

- Thus, we in area had one more sports dynasty. And it is very healthy! - she is assured.