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In Yakutia the communication line lining through Lena will come to the end to an ice drift

Installation works on a transfer of two cables volokonno - optical communication through the river Lena near Yakutsk will be already finished next week.

it was declared on Thursday by the representative of the company - the contractor Sergey Gajnutdinov. As he said, work is conducted in the accelerated mode as on ruslovom a river site it is necessary to cope with all affairs to an ice drift.

With a line transfer through the river on a left bank the long-awaited broadband Internet will come. Predictably, in Yakutsk the network will be placed in operation till the end of this year that will cause not only increase of speed of access to the Internet - to resources, but also decrease in tariffs.

For protjazhki cables through the river signalmen use the support of a high-voltage transmission line established in the end of the last century. Width of Lena in this place - more than kilometre, and support only four. Two are mounted on the radical coast, two more - on islands. As distances between them big enough and to suspend a line it is necessary more than on 100 - metre height, the basic problems, according to Sergey Gajnutdinova, creates a strong wind.