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Club the Dynamo - Kazan Hizer Boun has amplified the skilled American

the Volleyball player of a national team of the USA has concluded the contract with the champion of Russia. The American acts on a position of the blocking player.

We strengthen the central line and we have an opportunity to vary structure, - head coach VK " has declared; the Dynamo - Kazan Rishat Giljazutdinov. - Former blocking Regina the Frost and Maria Borisenko which operated practically without replacements, remain in a command .

the Instructor also has noticed that about desire to play to one command with Hizer Boun spoke its partner in a national team of the USA, dinamovskaja attacking Jordan Larson. Girls together acted on the Olympic games in Beijing, being pretenders to a trip to London.

Boun took part in competitions of the most different level. With 2000 for 2010 she played for the Italian clubs Ravenna Bergamo Modena Santeramo Tortoli . But anywhere the American is more than season was not late, except for a command Jezi (4 years).

in the ranks of last collective it acted together with Russian Ljubovju Sokolovoj, having won the European Cup of the Call. Further 33 - summer Boun played Turkish club Ekzashibachi Azerbaijan Azzeraile . As a part of the Baku club Hizer met with kazanochkami in frameworks plej - off Leagues of champions 2011/ 2012. Then the Dynamo has managed to get the best, having made the way in the Ending of four .