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Meeting of fans FK KAMAZ it is transferred without day

on April, 21st at Open Society building KAMAZ should pass performance of football fans. CHelnintsy have been disturbed by earlier appearing data about the possible termination of financing of a command by the well-known motorcar giant.

In a staff - apartment FK KAMAZ the letter from fans has arrived. In the message it is noticed that fans the decision to withdraw from the mayoralty the demand for carrying out of action was accepted and to occupy waiting, more a constructive position, having given possibility to a club management to settle a financial situation.

Instead of meeting on Saturday on April, 21st fans will meet bosses of football collective. But fans do not refuse the idea of meeting and are ready, when will consider necessary, to go on any lawful organizational measures for the purpose of command preservation.

Therefore it is a question of carrying over of date of meeting for later term, certainly, in that case if the situation with financing will not be improved. Any actions at a building of management of factory will be considered on April, 21st as the unapproved. The letter has been signed by leaders of fan groups the Coalition Elabuga - Fans 1 Autograd Crew.

In the statement also it is told: From a command we wait in each match of self-denying game and positive result. We call all fans who is not indifferent to chelninskomu to football and whom road destiny of club, to come on stadium on April, 26th on a match KAMAZ - the Beam - Energy and to show that with a command we a single whole. High attendance and the activity we can prove that football in Boats is more than sports, and a command KAMAZ a part of our soul .