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The Ministry of Communications: Federal and regional portals of state services will unite

About forthcoming association federal and regional poratlov state services today at the fifth session of Council about the regional information, passed in Nizhni Novgorod in frameworks ITForum 2020/ Information of our life the deputy minister of communication and mass communications of the Russian Federation Ilya Massuh has declared.

the Citizen does not know, and is not obliged to know, what of state services appear that or other level of the power. Besides it is the extremely inconvenient to remember some logins and passwords for various portals. Therefore a principle one window it is necessary to introduce here again. To unite with a federal portal local portals of state services already created in much regions rather uneasy as they were created not on the uniform sample. It is possible to tell, in each region invented the a bicycle .

Nevertheless, process of creation All-Russia IT - a bicycle grows, though and not in all regions work goes in accelerated tempo. The director of department of information technology and communication of the Government of Russia Alexey Popov has directly specified in problem regions in the performance. In 46 regions till now it is not developed, and in 54 - it is not tested any electronic service for a portal of state services.

However, as a whole electronic interaction of citizens and departments in the country gradually leaves on new level. Following the results of 2011 Russia has occupied 27 place on level of introduction of the electronic government according to estimations of experts of the United Nations. Thus year before our country occupied in the given rating only 59 place. If to take into account only the countries with the population not less than 100 million persons Russia takes the third place - after the USA and Japan, the Minister of Communications and mass communications of the Russian Federation Igor Schegolev has informed.

the Minister has noticed that from the moment of opening of a portal of the state services on it has arrived 150 million references from 24 million registered users. The paradigm of interaction of enforcement authorities with the citizen, which now not the applicant, and the client changes. The state began to act in a role of the service organisation.

- It is possible to tell that we have pulled out a hippopotamus from a bog, and all criticism in our address is connected by that we tell to people about new possibilities which open before them thanks to creation of the electronic government a little, - the official considers. - we even are grateful to actor Nikita Dzhigurde for an estimation which it has given to our work, let even with use of obscene expressions. History bright. It testifies that there is a number of the advanced people, and there are those who does not want to use new information technology, preferring to stand in a queue.

For those who yet in a course, we will explain. On popular already on the Internet of video which have been removed on a mobile phone, Nikita Dzhigurda argues in turn of branch FMS with the young man who tries to pass the first and explains it to that was registered on a portal of state services (in this case to receive passports it is possible in separate turn). However the actor as it was found out, about such service did not hear anything and vytolkal botany .

according to the minister, introduction of the state services in electronic form will be also good stimulus for election campaigns at municipal level. If the municipality can render citizens the services through the Internet the mayor will receive a positive estimation of the work from citizens and can be re-elected. If inhabitants are on - former to stand in queues behind inquiries and grants the estimation will be with a sign a minus with all that it implies.