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In Saratov the sports holiday devoted to Day of astronautics

the Big sports holiday has taken place has passed in Day of astronautics on a place of a landing of Yury Gagarin about village Smelovka of Engelssky area of the Saratov region.

Heroes of Russia space pilots Sergey Avdeev and Yury Shargin have assigned flowers to the monument of the space trailblazer established on a place of end of the first flight in space, and also to Sergey Koroleva`s bas-reliefs and Konstantin Tsiolkovsky. Visitors have solemnly handed over to representatives of the regional government a flag of the Saratov region which last year has visited in an orbit of the Earth. On a flag the autographs were left by crewmen 27 - j the international space station: commander Dmitry Kondratyev, flight engineers Andrey Borisenko, Alexander Samokutjaev and the American astronaut Ronald Garan.

And Yury Gagarin`s companion on study in industrially - the pedagogical technical school, managing chair of the Moscow aviation institute and writer Victor Porohnja has brought to a gift saratovtsam the new book.

it is traditional on a landing place - the Gagarinsky field - have passed competitions on parachuting, aviamodelling and motorcycle races.

Here, in a memorial complex open-air, students of the Saratov art school have held presentation of the pictorial works devoted to outer space exploration.