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The Perm forum has refused a prefix economic

In Perm the forum " has opened; the Person. A society. The country . The Perm forum this year has refused a prefix economic : on it will discuss more extensive, including the political summons. Today experts present work mechanisms the Open government .

At opening of the Perm forum the governor of edge Oleg Chirkunov has wished participants of approach of political spring.

- From the name of the Perm forum the word " has disappeared; Economic - its theme became wider, - Oleg Chirkunov speaks. - Organizers have transferred a forum from the most successful for time region - September, for the most unsuccessful season for regions of our climatic zone. It is April - time when there were no yet greens, and all of us wait for nature updating. As we wait today and a new cycle in country updating. I wish, that the spring has more likely come!

the Present Perm forum starts from revision of results of a forum previous. In 2011 participants of a forum have taken out the total offer, actual at that point in time: autonomy expansion in exchange for loyalty prolongation .

is there was a soft variant of the further development of the country, in June, 2011 president Medvedev declared necessity of decentralisation, - Alexander Auzan, the head of Advisory working group of the Commission speaks at the president of the Russian Federation on modernisation and technological development. - but in the autumn in the relation to this idea pessimism became swept up. To the Perm formula it will not be possible to return. We brilliantly were mistaken: this winter in streets the subject of changes, a creative class to which changes are necessary was found out.

the Perm forum has urged to unite two vectors, outlined in country development. The first of them - conversation on work conducted by the power on vozrashcheniju on level of regions of a part of powers and responsibility. The second - increase of civil activity and aspiration of people really to influence the processes occurring in the country.

In a nomination the Person of year following the results of voting major Sergey Solnechnikov who has heroically lost on March, 28th has won. It has covered with the body a fighting grenade, than has saved not one human life. Behind it there were many known people - Kudrin, Prokhorov and others.

At plenary session of a forum with the assistance of Sergey Aleksashenko, Alexander Auzana, Oleg Chirkunova and heads of the working groups preparing system the Open government have discussed mechanisms and structure of new political system.

According to Alexander Auzana to pass from the closed access to opened it will be possible, when three key problems will be solved. In - the first, elite should agree about rules for everything, instead of about exceptions for themselves. In - the second, not state organisations, public and commercial, should endure the founders. And, in - the third, control over violence bodies should be collective, instead of selective.

During the day at public sessions of working groups results of their work will be in more details presented, and at plenary session work of all sections will sum up. Besides, today at the Perm forum the agreement on creation in edge innovative territorial klastera information technology and telecommunications will be signed.