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In Perm the co-owner the Lame horse will condemn in a special order

Today the judge of Lenin court of Perm Dmitry Egors has made the decision on consideration of criminal case concerning Konstantin Mryhina in a special order.

It means that on process indications of victims, witnesses will not be listened, and also not begin to investigate any proofs. The first session will pass on April, 27th, 2012 in Leninsk court in 10. 30.

the Decision on a legal investigation in a special order is accepted after the preliminary judicial session which have passed today and yesterday in the closed mode. On it there were only victims, the parties of the state charge and protection.

Today the representative of Office of Public Prosecutor Vadim Kazarinov has declared the petition for prolongation of term of holding in custody of Konstantin Mryhina for four months. Judge Dmitry Egors has satisfied this petition. Now defendant Mryhin will stay in a pre-trial detention centre at least till August, 5th of this year.

- the Bases for arrest prolongation were standard, that is the Office of Public Prosecutor considers that, having been free, my client can disappear or as - that to affect witnesses, - Jeanne Mamberger, lawyer Mryhina has noted. - We not begin to appeal against against this decision. The client completely recognised the fault, has asked pardons for victims and has agreed with their claim requirements.

the legal investigation in a special order needed observance of some conditions: a full recognition of fault defendant, and the consent of all participants of process.

- I have supported a special order, - Boris Guljaev, one of victims speaks. - in - the first, legal investigation term, and, in - the second is considerably reduced, personally to me has already bothered to go on sessions on process the Lame horse .

But so consider not all.

- I against such consideration as at this Mryhina can plant only for six years and eight months, instead of for ten years, - consider Margarita Rocheva, mother of one of victims on a fire in night club the Lame horse . - I too love the lost son, and, in my opinion, for guilty of his death it is not enough any punishment.

With it two more victims are solidary.

At a special order of consideration of criminal case the defendant who completely has repented of a criminal conduct, cannot be sentenced more than to two thirds of the term provided by the Criminal code. As regards the third article 238 of the criminal code of Russian Federation Rendering of the services which are not meeting the requirements of safety of life and health of consumers, made by the organised group, entailed on imprudence causing of heavy harm to health, death of two and more persons on which Mryhin is accused, the maximum punishment in the form of ten years of imprisonment is provided. As now prijato the decision on a special order of consideration, Mryhina can sentence as much as possible only to six years and eight months of imprisonment.

- I think that now process on Mryhinu will not occupy more than one - two days, - Vadim Kazarinov, the state accuser is assured. - then the judge will leave to prepare the decision on business. Considering volumes of the collected materials, it can occupy not one week.

we Will remind that one of co-owners the Lame horse Konstantin Mryhin has taken part in the organisation of celebratory show in honour of night club birthday (on December, 5th, 2009) during which time fireworks have been indoors arranged. There was a fire. Nearby 500 persons tried to leave through a unique narrow door of club. About a spare office exit knew only units. 156 persons were lost, 64 from them heavy harm to the health, nine - average weight and seven - a little harm is done to health.

the Consequence has found out that earlier at repair carrying out in cafe designs and the materials which are not meeting the requirements of effective standards of fire safety have been applied. And from - for rough architecturally - planirovochnyh miscalculations the quantity of emergency exits from a premise was reduced.

we Will notice that at the moment of a fire Mryhin with the spouse was in cafe, and it managed to escape. In spite of the fact that his wife in a grave condition has been taken to hospital Perm, and then St.-Petersburg, on December, 17th, 2009 Mryhin has left territory of Russia, disappearing from investigation agencies bodies.

In March, 2010 it has been declared in federal, and in May and in the international search. In August, 2010 Konstantin Mryhina was detained in Barcelona by local police, and in its June, 2011 ekstradirovali to Russia.

the Basic court over vosemju accused on business the Lame horse has begun in Perm in October, 2010. The majority of defendants are at large, burdened with a various preventive punishment in the form of pledge and a subscription about nevyezde. Under guards there is only Anatoly Zak whom, as well as Mryhin, is one of co-owners the Lame horse .